Using an Electrical Tracer Tool

By using an electrical tracer tool, you will be able to trace and locate broken wires, short circuits, electrical current leaks and live wires. There are many different types of electrical tracer tool available in home improvement and hardware stores. You need to choose the right tracer tool according to the purpose of work that you intend to do. Here are some types of electrical tracer tools available in the market.

Types of Electrical Tracer Tools

  • The Lan Tracker or Multi Purpose Wire Tracer will trace any non-energized or unshielded cables or wires. There are LED lights in the compact receiver that will glow brighter as the signal becomes stronger.
  • The audible feature will help to differentiate the transmitter signal from any other signals. The four plug types that are encased in the transmitter are the RJ-45 (ethernet), co-ax, alligator clips and RJ-11 (phone). This tracer has an adjustable sensitivity that allows the users to detect wires that are in close proximity.
  • EXTECH CT40 Cable Identifier/Tester kit will allow you to trace up 16 cables at a time. It has 16 lines with shielded alligator clips. It also features AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, continuity and diode. The tracer can check 5VDC up to 16VDC. The other functions include low battery indicators on both receiver and the transmitter, auto power off, max hold and data hold.

Electrical Tracer Tool

  • The Amprobe Wire Tracer CT-100 locates and traces wires in walls, conduit, computer cables and floors. It even traces live wires that are hidden underground up to a depth of four feet. You can also trace neutral, ground lines and breakers, and show the ground shorts and faults. The benefit of this tracer is that it won’t disturb any sensitive electronic machinery or equipment. This is a heavy duty wire tracer that can be used for industrial usage as it can trace 9 volts to 300 volts AC/dc wires.
  • The FF310 Fault Finder finds and traces 6 volts to 42 volts wires, which is usually found in automobiles, motor homes, tractors, electric powered automobiles and trailers. It has an automatic open/short detection and adjustable sensitivity. The eight-inch flexible probe will help you in reaching the wires in congested places. This unit will not require you to cut any wires as it provides complete non-contact technology. You could also track wires under carpets and upholstery, inside wire looms and behind panels. There are three selectable sensitivity levels for this receiver, which are low, medium and high.

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