Designing a Brick Wall

Design a Brick Wall

Brick columns provide an additional beautification to your home\’s surroundings whether they are short or tall, they are often used to create accent deck, porch railings, freestanding columns for decorations or even act as plant stands in your garden.

For people who do not know how to design a brick wall, they will definitely hire specialized contractors to build their brick walls. But, if you follow the proper guidelines and help from experienced people you can build a brick wall on your own without any problem.

What you need:

  1. Mortar mix
  2. Trowel
  3. Hammer
  4. Level
  5. Water
  6. Jointer
  7. Brush
  8. Tape Measure
  9. Nails
  10. Wall Ties
  11. Bricks
  12. Wheelbarrow
  13. Shovel


  1. Determine on the contrasting colors that you want to use based on the existing bricks or even based on any matching bricks at your home.
  2. Don\’t forget an important step which is to draw an outline or sketch of your ideas on paper on what you want to accomplish when it comes to designing your brick walls.
  3. The height of the wall is very important to analyze before taking any other steps. The height of the wall must be realistic because if it is too high you will need a lot resource to build it and if you are living in a high wind environment it should be much lower to the ground.
  4. Try to look around for more ideas relating to the walls colors, shapes and sizes plus the variety of stone available in the market. The important thing that matters when designing your brick walls is your budget. You have to decide on whether your budget will be able to sustain for the cost of your ideas when it comes to designing your brick walls. Based on the budget that you have chosen to design your brick walls, it is best to purchase materials that will not exceed the budget.
  5. You must also ensure and decide on the amount of work involved in completing the brick wall; whether you are going to do it yourself or hire a professional bricklayer. If you have no experience in handling mortar application, you should minimize your design by just using brick facing only.
  6. If you decide to hire the work of building the brick wall to professional bricklayer, you must also know whether the contractor charges you by the hour or just by the design of the wall in accordance to your affordability and minimal budget that you have decided to use.

Any type of walls is build for a reason. Mainly we build walls to create a cover for our home or garden. In other walls, creating or building a wall makes us feel secure and protected at the same time. There are many types of walls around that we can build, but the most popular one is certainly a brick wall, most probably due to the fact that they last longer than the other walls. Bricks can either be built into a veneer wall or in any wall, it all depends on how you want the design to be.

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