Designing a Wireless Home Security Alarm System

In order to have the most effective protection for your property and also the safety of your family, you should install a wireless home security alarm system. But before you do that, you have to design according to what you need and require of from the system. Once you have the right design prepared and planned accordingly, you would be able to choose the best security method that meets your requirement. Below are some of the tips for you to learn in order to design a wireless home security for your house.

What you need to do:

  1. To check the inside and outside of your house’s doors and windows for any easy access for intruders
  2. To secure all entrance such as windows, doors and garage door.

Home Security Alarm System


  1. Firstly, you need to determine the area of your house windows or doors that will be less difficult for someone to break-in and also which one is easy to enter even when you have locked it from inside. The details that you gathered will help you choose the suitable area of your house to give extra protection from intruders.
  2. The next step is to ensure that all doors, windows as well as garage door are secured really well and normally the garage door is the first place intruders will try to break-in first.
  3. You need to also choose the right doors and windows that you have to install sensors and normally you should do it for your front and back doors, first-floor windows, basement windows or other areas that you might think that it is easily accessible by outsiders.
  4. Then, you have to select the right wireless alarm system for example the motion sensing, heat sensing or even a closed circuit that enables the system to alert you whenever the entrance is broken or any break-in happen.
  5. Another area for you to take into consideration is the wiring that comes along when you install the keypad and how it is going to be connected to the power supply. This needs to be done if the keypad does not battery operated.
  6. Make sure the sensors that you install on your doors and windows are properly powered by good and long lasting batteries.
  7. You also need to determine how many areas that you need to install sensors, lights and cameras before you purchase any security system. Bear in mind that additional sensors can be added on in future when the need arises.
  8. Lots of sensors for a wireless system usually operates on batteries thus you need to make a schedule for any changes of the batteries so that the battery will not be in good condition especially during emergency.
  9. If the installation of a wireless security system is not easy for you to do it on your own, you should hire a licensed electrician to do the installation for you.

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