Enclosing a porch with windows

Enclose A Porch With Windows

If you need more privacy to your home as well as to have a place to relax in all seasons, then enclosing your porch with double pane windows will fulfill the needs. All you have to know is how to read a tape measure and the rest will be done with the right steps. Here are the steps on how to enclose your porch.

You will need:

  1. 2 by 4\’ studs and length depends on measurements
  2. 3″ deck screws or 3″ 8 penny galvanized nails
  3. Frame hammer
  4. Corner square
  5. Tape measure
  6. Contractors grade liquid nail
  7. Wood shims
  8. Screw gun or co2 nail gun and nails
  9. 2 and 4 feet level
  10. Concrete gun or power hammer for concrete porch
  11. Miter or circular saw and contractors grade liquid nail


  1. First, measure the area where you want to enclose using a tape measure to decide how many and what size windows, numbers of lumbers that you need for the project. Then, measure and cut your bottom plate. Run the contractor\’s glue down the center of the plates.
  2. Screw or anchor your bottom plate into the porch floor. Measure and cut the top plate and attach the plate to the ceiling. Use the blocks in between the upright studs to double the bottom for more stability. You will need a concrete nail gun or a power hammer if you are setting the plates for the frame on concrete.
  3. Then, measure from the bottom of the top plate to the top of the bottom plate to obtain the length of your upright end post or stud. Put the stud into the place nailing it into the plate at a 45-degree angle, after cutting it. Use a level to check whether it is aligned from top to bottom and top plates. Measure ad cut the other upright stud for the far end and put it into place.
  4. Next, measure the bottom and the top plates from one end to the other and use a pencil to mark the center of both of them. Take the measurement for the first window frame and split the difference on both sides of the center mark. To make sure that the window will fit into place, add ΒΌ inch to your measurement.
  5. For the first window, measure between the two uprights that you have nailed into place then cut the cross sections that hold the window in place. Measure the window to determine its position in the frame, measure from the top of the bottom plate where the window will sit. Place a mark on the uprights on both sides. Place the cross section that holds the windows between the two upright frame boards and secure it with nails or screws. Check the cross section if its level, then continue to finish nailing the cross section.
  6. Place the window in the opening for a tight fit. You should notice a slight gap on either side for adjustment. Tighten up the window in the frame using wood shims before screwing it into place. Check your window frame if it is fit. Cut and place short studs above and below the window at the center for addition. The studs will help to stabilize the frame and to attach exterior plywood sheeting.

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