Erecting Metal Shed on the Pavers


In order to create excellent support of metal sheds that can add additional space to your house, you must ensure that have you placed your pavers properly. Installation of metal shed over interlocking pavers provides you with a stylish alternative rather than using a traditional concrete slab. By having a good setup of pavers, your metal shed would be able to have sturdy foundation for it to stay upright throughout the years. The colorful linked pavers will also add nice appearance to your garden. It is quite easy for you to erect metal shed kits within a day and do it on your own. Metal sheds normally consist of metal frame members and panels where the pieces are secured together with screws or nuts and bolts. You only require minimal tools to erect the metal sheds.

To erect metal shed on pavers, you need:

  • Shovel
  • Metal shed kit
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Bedding sand
  • Mallet
  • Large broom
  • Beam of hardwood

Erect Metal Shed on Pavers

Erecting Metal Shed on the Pavers

  • The first thing that you need to do is to create the foundation. In order to that you need to remove any debris from the area that you want to install the metal shed.
    • If the need arise, you should level the ground by using a shovel.
    • Once finished, you have to pour a shallow layer of loose sand onto the ground that you have cleared.
    • You need to use at least 25 to 40 millimeters of loose sand or approximately 1 to 11/2 inches deep.
  • Take the pavers and place it onto the sand according to your required pattern.
    • Make sure that you leave a small spacing between each of the pavers for anchoring the pavers together with the sand
    • You must be careful not to insert much pressure on your pavers once you have laid them on the area. This is because you need to place them evenly along the pattern that you are creating.
  • Then, place a thick piece of hardwood over the pavers and use a mallet to bolt them into place. This piece of hardwood is used to provide protective to the pavers against damage whenever it is pound with medium blow.
  • Next step is for you to pour bedding sand over the pavers while the loose sand need to be swept over the paving pattern in order to drive granules into any cracks.
    • By doing this, you would be able to fill in any gaps left in between pavers in order to secure them in place.
    • You can use your rubber mallet to tap the pavers and hardwood so that you can reinforce the stability of the foundation simply by forcing the loose sand into the grooves.
  • After that, you can proceed to install the metal shed.
    • The first thing to do is to remove the parts from the metal shed kit.
    • Next, place them into organized piles where each of the pile should be easily identified. For instance, the piles must include bolts, wall panels and screws.
  • In order to start erecting metal shed, you need to line up matching metal panels and each panel should have precut holes so that it can be easily assemble.
    • Then, the matching panels need to be lined up according to their aligned holes before you can insert any corresponding bolt or screw for securing the pieces.

Always wear your gloves whenever you start to erect any type of metal shed.

  • After that, you have to screw the roof panels onto the metal shed right after walls and foundation are bolted together above the pavers.
    • Once you finished locking the roof panels into place, you must make sure that you secure its roof cap with a screw along the length of your metal shed.
  • Finally, you can also connect other features for your metal shed such as the windows and doors
    • Then, you have to align the holes of the features to the standing metal structure and secure them in place using bolt or screw.

Always be extra careful whenever you are handling any of the parts of your metal shed because it has sharp edges.

Always remember that whenever you want to erect metal shed on pavers

  • You need to consult the instruction manual that comes with the metal shed kit whenever you feel uncertain on how to assemble any sections of the metal shed or storage unit with all the materials provided by the manufacturer.

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