Fashioning a kiddie bathrobe out of used towels

If your child has a favourite towel that he refuses to let you throw even though it has a big hole in it, try turning it into a bathrobe that he can use for a little bit longer before he finally gets bored of it. For this project, use a thicker towel that is more absorbent so that your kids will dry up in no time! Choose a bigger towel so that you will have enough material to work with.

  1. Cut about 3 inches off one length of the towel. Fold the edges in and fold the towel into half width wise. Sew along the edges. This is your sash.
  2. Fold the big piece into half lengthwise. Fold the two edges down on either sides so that it meets the centre crease. Place the folded towel with the cut-off edge facing up. This will ensure that you have minimal sewing to do.
  3. Next, draw half of the template of your bathrobe onto the side of the towel that is facing you. Draw the template on in a way that you will have one complete back piece and two front pieces once you’ve cut them out. Remember to get your kid’s measurements first before doing this to ensure that it fits. Allow for extra room so that your kid can grow into it.
  4. Pin all four layers together before cutting to get a perfect cut-out. Remember to leave excess space for stitching. Now, open up the cut outs and arrange them accordingly so that you can see the shape of your bathrobe. You are now ready to sew your bathrobe into shape.
  5. Start with the sleeves. Fold the edges down twice and hand stitch all four sides. Next, pin down the front pieces to the back piece and sew on the sides, shoulders and sleeves. You now have a homemade bathrobe.
  6. Snip two holes about an inch apart on each side for the sash to be threaded in.
  7. Additionally, you can also make two small pockets which you can sew on to either sides of the bathrobe just below the waist.
  8. You can also personalize the bathrobe for your child by embroidering his name onto the front of it, or even sticking on an iron patch of his favourite cartoon character. Iron patches are easily available from your craft stores.

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