Finding A Good Excavator


You will need to employ an excavator (and an operator for it) if you’re going to build a home. The excavators will be used to dig foundation holes, trenches, handling heavy materials, demolition, landscaping and dredging work. Depending upon the size of the excavator, you could be paying around $200 to $6000. Here are some tips to find a good excavator:

Start with the internet

Search online for an excavator and take into account the several manufacturers and prices on different models and companies who provide excavator work. There are several websites that allow you to view several excavators available for rent, purchase, or lease. Looking around will help you sort out the best deals you can get on selecting the final one. Most websites allow you to input specific details related to your project as well as providing you with detailed information about the excavator such as features, specifications, cab design, attachments, performance information, productivity, reliability, delivery, return policy, and warranty information.

Ask a Contractor or Neighbor

Another good step to take is to talk with several contractors about the excavators or the excavating company they use. If your neighbor built their home, they may have a good referral for you as well. Find out the good and the bad about the excavators so you can make a through decision. Also, find out if any excavator models have earned the endorsement of any legitimate, third party rating entity. And of course, brand name is another criterion to keep in mind.


Buying a mini excavator

Far fetched as it may seem, mini excavators are quite popular for small home remodels, landscaping, and other work. There are a few things to be kept in mind when you are buying a mini excavator or renting a larger one. If you are buying directly from a dealer, here are the questions you need to find out:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What types of inventory to they keep on site?
  • Do they have parts in case the excavator needs repair?
  • How many technicians do they have?
  • Do they provider loaners if the excavator needs to be taken in for service?

Talk to more than one dealer. Visit the dealer\’s facility so you can get a good sense of the warehouse and service areas. Ask the dealer for customer references so you can ask them questions similar to yours. Find out about the length of time the customers has given patronage to the dealer. Ask them if they did a good job with maintenance and repairs, and whether they will buy from the dealer again. Also find out any weaknesses either in service or hardware that they can improve upon. 

Remember that you are not obligated to stick to the first dealer. Shop around and if you get a bad feeling about the dealer, trust your gut feelings and move onto the next one.