Finding The Right Homebuilding Plans

When you decide to build your own home from scratch, you will notice the number options you will be faced with when choosing the type of home you want. From single to double storey houses, traditional, contemporary, colonial etc., these are just some of the choices you will have to make. There are a few places you can go to find the home that you want. These home plans can be purchased and then reworked by your builder to specifications if desired, or you can also work on one from scratch with an architect or engineer. 

Where to find home building plans

Once you’ve decided on the type of home you want, you can search in the following resources to find that home building plan you desire. 

  • Magazines

There are magazines which are all about floor plans to browse through, which will include floor plan details and measurements. If you spot on that you like, you can order the blueprints. These magazines can be found in book stores or magazine aisles. 

  • Books

Look in bookstores or the local library as they are a good resource for finding home building plans. Remember to look for resources that are up to date. Like magazines you will find books that are totally dedicated to floor plans with details and measurements. Once you’ve found one you like, they should have ordering details and contacts for you to call and purchase the blueprint that you want.

  • Software

There are softwares out there that allow you to custom design your own floor plan. Some would ever allow you to preview your home in 3D. You need to have an idea of codes and regulations and how certain things work and don’t work in designing a floor plan. Once you’ve got your plan all laid out, have an architect or engineer go through them, make minor modification and get their stamp of approval. Make sure that you take all of your family\’s requirements into consideration. 

  • Online

The internet is a great place to go to find home building plans. There are a lot of options out there that you can find online on different architects websites. Depending on where you go will depend on how much you spend. You can usually find a plan online that you like that isn\’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Always have an engineer go over the plans and put their stamp and signature on it for safety reasons. This is because each state or country have different code requirements, and since floor plans found online can be from all over the world, its important to make sure that your final floor plan will adhere to the building codes where you’re having your home built.

  • New Architect

You can also find a architect who is also an engineer that will give you a deal on the engineer stamp part if they draw up your plan as well. Or find some one that has just graduated from college out of drafting. They will be cheaper because they don\’t have a lot of experience but at the same time will take more time to draw up your plans and pay more attention to detail to make sure that it is right.