Fixing a Damaged Laminate Floor

Repair a Laminate Floor

Although laminate flooring gives your home flooring a decorative and trendy looks, sometimes when it comes to regular wear the floor may eventually get damaged. If you are concerned about your budget and prefer not to call a handyman or carpenter to repair your damaged laminate floor, there is no need to be worried. Repairing your laminate flooring by yourself can be done if you know the suitable method and the right tools. Here are some methods on how to repair your laminate flooring.

You will need:

  1. Wax crayons
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Putty
  4. Putty knife
  5. Spacer
  6. Warm water
  7. Nail polish removers
  8. Scrapper


  1. For repairing minor scratches, use wax crayons. These specially made crayons are made for this purpose and you can purchase them in most hardware and flooring stores. Choose the right color for your laminate flooring to conceal the minor scratches.
  2. Clean the dust from the scratched area to obtain a smooth surface before applying wax crayons. Then, put the wax crayon on the scratches and you can see that the abrasion will disappear. Use a clean dry cloth to clean the crayons that are spread outside of the scratching.
  3. For repairing deep scratches, use putty to solve this problem. First, clean the area that needs to be repaired from any dust. Then, fill in the damaged portion with a generous amount of putty.
  4. Use a putty knife to even out and to smooth the area covered with the putty. Take a moist clean cloth and wipe out the extra dough of putty and then rub off the excess water with a soft dry cloth. Leave the area to dry for at least one hour or more to make sure that the putty is hardened.
  5. For repairing peaks of laminate flooring, you need to reduce the tension of the panels. This will help them to expand without raising the level of the floor. Repair the peaks by using spacers that are present in between the wall of your room and the laminate flooring. Take out a panel that is closest to the wall if there are no spacers. Then, cut around half an inch from the width side of the panel. After that, put it back into its place.
  6. The best option to reduce damages to your laminate flooring is by cleaning up any liquid immediately if you have spilling problems caused by molten candle wax and paints. Or, you can also use warm water to clean them. Don\’t forget to scrap off any wax and gums carefully.

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