Fixing your bathtub\’s drain (blocked)

Cleaning bathtub drain - [Desktop Resolution]
Most of the blocked drains in our house can easily be removed and fixed by just using home items or just by purchasing a few not so expensive tools from your local hardware stores. Always remember to check and determine the type of drain that you have whether it is using a tub drains, foot lock, roller ball, lift and turn, pop-up or a plunger. Some times, the drain is blocked due to things such as a buildup of hair, soap or your child\’s toy. Below are some of the steps or cleaning techniques in cleaning your bathtub drain that has been blocked;

What you need:

  1. Wire coat hanger
  2. Pliers
  3. Plunger
  4. Plumber\’s snake
  5. Screwdriver


  1. First thing that you have to do is to check what causes the bathtub drain to be blocked (if possible). Usually the bathtub drain is caused by buildup of hair when you have been using the tub for a long time and also toy blockages from your child\’s collections.
  2. If you can manage to view the blockage inside the bathtub drain you can try to remove it first by using your finger, a pair of pliers or even a bent wire coat hanger (if possible).
  3. If you cannot see what is blocking the drain because it is too deep to reach, you can also try using a plunger to clean up the blockage.

Bathtub cleaning - [Desktop Resolution]

  1. Apart from using a plunger, you can also use a Plumber\’s snake that you can purchase from your local hardware stores. Before you can start using the Plumber\’s snake, you need to unscrew the plate on the bathtub overflow tube. This plate is also used as a switch for stopping the drain.
  2. Steps for using the Plumber\’s snake, you need to run it down the bathtub overflow pipe slowly, three feet at a time and then twisting the snake as you try to push it forward. As you proceed, you will face some resistance from the trap under the drain.
  3. By using the above method, it will remove the plug or blockage that resides in your bathtub drain. If you can no longer move the snake forward, you need to pull the snake back from out of the drain.
  4. After you have managed to solve the problem, clean up the bathtub and screw back the bathtub overflow plate to its original condition.

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