Folding Old Wrapping Paper into Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Gift bags make great goodie bags in which you can put in small knick knacks for your party guests to take home. They are also a real life saver if you are running late for a party and forgot to gift-wrap your present. You can keep them in your car for emergencies and you should always have a few lying around the house just in case. Gift bags can be rather expensive when bought right from the store. Here is how you can fold your own gift bags without spending a single cent. This is also a great way to reuse old wrapping paper. The next time you receive presents, do not throw away the wrapping paper; save them up for projects like these. But of course, if you intend to save up the wrapping paper, you will not have the pleasure of ripping it apart. Gently pull off the cellophane tape from the wrapping paper to cause the least damage to it and keep the wrapping paper rolled up to avoid creasing it.


  1. Choose an old piece of wrapping paper that is the least crinkled up. If there are some bad crinkles in it, avoid using that part or cut it off right away.
  2. Cut your piece of wrapping paper to your desired size. If you intend on making more than one, you can always cut up all the wrapping paper before you start. For goodie bags for guests, you should always cut up your wrapping paper first to make sure that they are all of the same size.
  3. Next, pick any box which you can wrap your cut up wrapping around. Using a box will make work easier later. Boxes that have a long length and height, and narrow width are more suitable.
  4. Cut out the bases for your gift bags out of old cardboard boxes. The pieces should be the same size as the base of the box you are going to use.
  5. Wrap the wrapping paper around the box and stick cellophane tape to keep it in place. Do not use cellophane tape to stick the box and the wrapping paper together as you will be pulling it out later. Continue to wrap the box as you would any present, but leave one end open. It is always easier to work with a tall box as it is much easier to pull out later on.
  6. Once you have one end of the box wrapped and taped, pull out the box from the wrapping paper. You now have a perfectly shaped gift bag.
  7. Place the base into the box to make it more stable.
  8. Use a paper puncher to punch two holds near the open end so that you can thread ribbon through to close up the gift bag.

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