Framing a shed door

Frame a Shed Door

Framing a shed door is a simple application and almost similar installation to framing a door in a shed built elsewhere. In general, you have to construct a double post on one side of the frame where the door will hang. The header will be placed along with other upright and will be an addition for the door jamb and door that will go with the opening. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. 2×4\’s
  2. Tape measure
  3. Circular saw
  4. 16 penny nails
  5. Framing square
  6. Hammer


  1. First, decide the place of your shed door. You will also need to make the exact decision concerning the right dimensions of the door that will be installed. Normally, a door is about 30 inches wide and 84 inches high but sometimes a shed door needs to be bigger that this size.
  2. Then, calculate the size of the opening. Add an extra ½” to both the height and width to allow the door to open and close smoothly. The jamb is made from ¾” fir or pine and there will be shims on one side and the top as well. Add another ½ inch to the top and side which comes to an extra 1 ¾” for the height and 2 ½” to the width. The opening will be 85 ¾” high and 32 1/2 “wide.
  3. Next, put a small mark on the bottom plate where you want the door to be exactly. Make a second cross mark across the 2 by 4 that is square and 35 ½” apart. Add an extra 3-inch to the size of the cut to allow both 2 by 4\’s to go directly to the floor. These can be nailed into the end of the bottom floor plate with hammer. Outside this marks, secure the bottom plate with a couple of 16-penny nails.
  4. Remove any 2 by 4\’s that are already standing within those 35 and ½ inches. Cut the bottom plate with a circular saw or hand saw. Set the depth of the circular saw so that it can match the thickness of the bottom plate and cut them into perfect squares. Decide which side you want the door to swing from. This will be a double post and needs to be installed first. Take measurement from the bottom of the top plate. Cut a 2×4 to this exact length and nail the bottom end into the bottom plate. Secure two nails through the upright stud right into the plate. On each end, put one toenail and leave the inside empty nails.
  5. Take a 4 foot level and make sure the upright 2×4 is dead level. Place mark on each side of the 2 by 4 as it butts into the top plate. Toenail the top of the 2×4 to the top plate until it is tight and sits right inside the two marks. Recheck the upright with the level. Cut another 2 by four to length on the other side of the opening and nail the bottom in the same way. Use your tape measurement to check that this 2×4 is precisely parallel to the other upright when you go to nail the top.
  6. Install a header at the height for the opening which is 85 ¾”. Make a perpendicular mark with a small square on each upright at 85 ¾” from the floor. Cut the two 2×4\’s exactly to the size opening that exists on the floor and install between the two marks at the height of 85 ¾”, make sure that they are flush on the outside. Make sure the opening is plumb and square. Measure and cut two pieces of 2 by four that will run from the top of your header to the top plate. Nail to secure in place and make sure they are flushed on the outside.
  7. Finally, add a second 2×4 to the side of the opening which you will hang the door. It will be an inch and an half shorter than the two uprights. Again, nail to secure these but if you are done, make sure the post is level.

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