Getting material to build storage shelves

Get Material To Build Storage Shelves

Storage shelves are very important to have in a home. In a home where there are many things or simply too many things to keep track of then storage shelves are the perfect solutions. These shelves are used to keep everything you have and need in there. The things can be arranged properly and kept well. If ever we need them, it\’s easy to find unlike it being amongst the debris.

Sometimes when you have a lot of items to keep in your store or garage, you really do not know where to put all the things. This is where the storage shelf will come in handy as a utility for putting all the items you wanted to keep in a very tidy manner. A custom storage shelf is much cheaper than the commercial shelving units which also do not maximize space utilization.

If you have available wall space in your garage or any rooms in your house, building a shelving unit is a good project to utilize the free spaces. There are many types of storage shelves available around, all you need to know is what type and for what purpose do you need them. Not forgetting the location where they will be put. You can make sturdy shelves that stand on the floor and are secured to the wall. You will need some materials and tools to assemble your storage shelves. Preparing the materials will help you to build your storage shelves more easily. Here\’s how you can gather the sufficient and needed materials to build storage shelves.

You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. 2 by 4 inch boards
  3. Wood screws
  4. Particleboard or OSB
  5. 3 inch deck screws


  1. First, take the measurement of the available space to determine the length, width and height of the shelving unit by starting at the floor and up to the desired height. You will need a width of minimum 2 feet for a storage shelf.
  2. Next, make a design of your shelving unit by determining how many rows of shelves that can fit in your available space. Make sure to check that there is enough clearance between the shelves to fit the items for future storage.
  3. Purchase 2 by 4-inch boards to build a frame for the storage shelves. Build the frame like the skeleton of a box with boards running crosswise to hold the shelves. For the shelves, purchase particle board sheets or OSB. Particle board functions as well as storage shelves while the OSB is similar to plywood but glued together flakes of wood. OSB makes a very strong shelf made for heavy storage in basements or storage.
  4. Collect plenty of 3-inch deck screws and shorter wood screws before starting your storage shelf project. To attach the 2 by 4 inch boards to the wall, you must use the deck screws while wood screws will be needed to attach the shelving to the frame.

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