Give your kitchen cabinets a darker look

If you manage to transform your kitchen cabinet by yourself into a new and fresh look, you will definitely feel the satisfaction of your work done on the task. The transformation of your kitchen does not mean that you have to purchase a new one, but instead just by staining them or making it look darker will give you a different tone and new refreshed look to your kitchen environment. Below are guides on how to give your kitchen cabinets a darker look.

What you need:

  1. Sandpaper, medium and fine grit
  2. Hand sander
  3. Steel wool
  4. Dark wood stain
  5. Cloths
  6. Rubber gloves
  7. Work gloves
  8. Chisel-end brush or foam pad
  9. Face mask
  10. Eye goggles


  1. Always take safety precaution first when doing a do-it-yourself task like wearing an eye goggles, work gloves and face mask, plus also ensure that your work area is well-ventilated. Then, you need to clean the kitchen cabinets by wiping away dust and debris; and let it dry for a couple one or two hours.
  2. Next, you need to sand the cabinet doors and frame with a hand sander and a medium-grit paper. After finish sanding, change the sand paper to fine-grit sandpaper and after that, wipe away the dust with a cloth.
  3. To do staining to your kitchen cabinet, mix the stain gently using a painter\’s stick thoroughly until its mixture is settled.
  4. Next, use your chisel-edge brush and dip it into the stain. You need to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and paint the stain onto the wooden cabinet (to cover entire area including corners) in even back-and-forth strokes (ensure that the stain is not uneven). Carefully lifting the brush away after painting from the surface preventing the paint from dripping.
  5. After the first coat has dried, you can choose a darker look for staining the second coat of stain. Follow the same instructions in Step 3 and 4; and once finish your staining task, let the stain dry.
  6. Finally, after the kitchen cabinet has really dried, you can proceed with applying the protective coating by using materials such as polyurethane or an oil based finish paint. This is to seal the stain and giving it extra protection to your kitchen cabinets from the heavy usage of kitchen activities.

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