Great ideas for making your own Christmas garland

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A must have decoration for Christmas season is Christmas garlands. There are so many types of patterns and design available in the decoration aisle in any of your Christmas decorations store. Save your money and try these ideas on making your own Christmas garlands. It is quite simple and not that expensive to make. These traditional garlands ideas are added with some twists to make them more interesting. Decorate the final product proudly on your Christmas tree, windows and hallway. Here are two great ideas:

Popcorn garland

  • Instead of having your popcorn plain, put some food coloring on them.
  • The color is up to your choice, its fun to have blue and green popcorns sometimes.
  • To make the popcorn garlands, you need popped popcorn, ribbon, a needle and string.
  • Make sure the amount of your popcorn is ample with the length of garland you want.
  • Take a 30” piece of string and tie a 3” knot from the end.
  • You can begin attaching your popcorns using thread and needle.
  • Thread the popcorns close to each other so it will look neat.
  • When you finish creating the length of popcorn you want, tie the string ends tightly together. You can tie ribbon bows where the strings meet.
  • After Christmas, you can use this popcorn garland to feed the winter birds.

Wooden spool and bead garland

  • To make this marvelous garland, you will need small wooden spools, wooden beads in red and green colors (20mm), your fabrics scraps, craft glue  and jute string.
  • First, cut strips of fabric scraps. The size is to wrap around and cover the center of your wooden spools. Using craft glue, stick the fabric onto the spools.
  • Next, tie a knot in one need of the jute string. String the spools on after 2 beads. Continue the process, or you can come up with your own creation. When you finish, knot the other end of jute string. You can make bows with the excess fabric scraps for a beautiful touch.

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