Growing Peppermint

It is very easy to grow the peppermint. What you need is regular sunlight and they will establish quickly. It is quite resistant to heat and drought. Peppermint also does not need fertilizer when planted indoors in potting soil. They are plants that are perennials that will keep growing for years. You can use the peppermint plant in so many ways. Among the usage are the leaves that can be used for cooking or as a garnish for drinks and desserts. Here is how you can start your peppermints growing by following the steps below.

What you need:

  1. Peppermints seeds
  2. Pot
  3. Watering can


  1. First, start your peppermint plants with seeds. Peppermint seeds are not started with root or leaf cuttings. You should plant the seeds in a pot full of potting soil. Plant the seeds about 1/8 inches below the top soil. This is a very light covering of soil that can be sprinkled across laid on the surface. You can also press the seeds gently into the surface of the soil to achieve the right depth.
  2. To keep the soil lightly and moist, water the seeds while they germinate. Water the seedlings sparingly when the seeds sprout to keep them from damaging the new plants. Peppermint plant likes relatively dry soil and will not be watered often. Before watering the plant, make sure that the soil is dry.
  3. Thin out some of the seedlings once the new plants are about 2 inches tall. 12 inches between peppermint plants are the ideal spacing. Keep only one strong seedling and it will soon spread out to fill the entire pot if your pot is not wider than 12 inches.
  4. Place the pot in a place where it will get sunlight each day. The peppermint plants do not need full sunlight and will thrive in the shade as long as they receive some sunlight each day. 70 to 80 degrees are the right temperature for the area of the pot take place.

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