Growing Potentilla Shrubs

Grow Potentilla Shrubs

Potentilla shrubs which are also known as cinquefoil, are an ideal choice of plants that is used for landscaping because it can be planted in mass or as a specimen. Apart from that, it is also lasting, compact and it is also a disease-free type of plant. The shrubs is easy to maintain and suitable in nearly any kind of soil condition. The plant comes in a variety of colors which includes yellow, white, cream, orange and red, while it normally blooms between the periods of June until October. Below are instructions and points to remember when planting the potentilla shrubs. Planting Potentilla shrubs are really nice for our garden as it adds some sort of sparks.

What you need:

  1. Cinquefoil seed
  2. Compost
  3. Sand
  4. Fertilizer


  1. First of all, you need to decide on the variety of decisions that you want to plant in terms of its colors, the area that you want plant it, to choose either a mass shrubs with multiple color flowers or to grow it as a specimen. Making your choice is crucial in this first step to avoid any errors or problems when you start working on this.
  2. The suitable period to plant the potentilla shrubs is between the month of April or May. That is the best time considered to plant potentilla shrubs to ensure a healthy growth of the plant. Although it can be planted in any kind of soils but to be safe and to ensure a good growth, it should be planted in a fertile soil along with soils that are rich in organic materials. In order to boost its nutrient, you can even add composted bark or peat to the area around the roots of the shrubs.
  3. Next, you have to dig a hole of at least 6-inches in diameter and 6-inches deep. The soil that you dug from the hole can be made part of a well-draining soil for the shrub by mixing it together with compost and sand. These mixture of soils need to be placed back into the hole and press it down firmly. The potentilla shrubs seeds need to be planted at least ½-inch under the soil. You need to leave a gap of at least 5 feet apart between the shrubs in order to leave some space for the shrub to expand.
  4. The plant needs water but can also endure drought or bog conditions. Apart from that, you should always fertilize the plant occasionally because fertilization helps to keep its branches from being hard and woody which will not suit the plant at all.
  5. Maintaining the potentilla shrubs is easy and it can also be pruned into uniform shapes. By pruning the shrubs will also help to reduce dead patches especially during growing season and when you prune, choose the older wood to be pruned. This could be done during the winter or dormant months as that in the blooming month the plant will grow well again.

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