Growing Various Types of Roses


If you have the knowledge you can easily grow various types of roses in your garden and care for the plant accordingly. We tend to like roses because it is not only an elegant and beautiful flowers but also symbolize love, friendship, and sympathy that can be use for any occasions.

There are many type of shrub roses that you can select and grow in your garden which are generally divided into an old species of roses, an old fashioned of roses or the modern type of shrub roses. All of these roses can grow up even taller than the Hybrid Teas and Floribunda Roses. Below are some tips and advice which is useful for you whenever you intend to grow various types of roses in your garden.

To grow a variety of roses, you need:

  • Rose bush or a healthy rose cuttings
  • Tarp (optional)
  • Sharp sterile garden shears
  • Fertilizer
  • Water source
  • Misting bottle
  • Small sterile pots
  • Sterile potting soil
  • Rooting hormone (optional- but works the best)

Grow a Variety of Roses

Growing Various Types of Roses

  • The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right type of rose bush and also the stem that you want to use for cuttings.
    • Ensure that the roses that you choose are healthy and not sick. If it is not healthy, most probably it will die even before it can start to root.
    • The stems must also be a mature one to make it easier to root or you can use a stem that has just bloomed.
    • Suitable size stems should be at least the size of a pencil or a bit larger than the pencil.
    • You can cut the stem back as long as you want but not thicker than your finger.
    • The stem you cut from the bush can also be cut similar to pruning method. You need to cut it at an angle above a set of the rose’s leaves.
    • If you want to produce homegrown long-stem roses, it is recommended that you choose Bridal White, Antique Silk, Kardinal, and Aalsmeer Gold because they are hardy and would be able to withstand garden living if you maintain it very well.

Remember that stems which are too old or even too young will not be able to produce.

  • The types of roses that falls under the category of old fashioned roses include the Centifolia Roses which are often referred to as Cabbage Roses and Provence Roses.
    • These types of roses come with the most glorious scent but it demands you to provide great care than the other types of roses.
    • It has soft and pliable stems which must be regularly sprayed and feed. Otherwise the Centifolia Roses will not flourish into quality roses that you require.
  • Another type of rose related to the Centifolia type of rose is known as the Moss Rose types.
    • The Moss Rose has been known to exist for at least 300 years and it is very similar to the Centifolia Roses. Its only difference is its very fine and sticky hairs which are on the stalks and sepals.
    • This rose got its name from its moss like hair along with the double blooms that comes with sweetly scented and some of the types come with repeat flowering.

It is encourage for you to allow longer time for your roses stems to grow. However, when the roses bud starts to blossom, you will have to cut the flower. Do not wait anymore because the flower will start to fully bloom on the bush if you do not cut them. It is an ideal time for you to cut the roses when the flower’s bud is slightly opened and before it starts to flower. Make sure that you snip the roses stem as near to the base of the bush in order to get the longest length of the stems.

  • For those of you who live in cold climate, you should choose the rose type that would be able to survive the winter season.
    • Take note that certain rose fragrance can cause allergic reaction. If you have family members who are allergic to rose fragrance, you need to choose a softer fragrance to plant at your garden.
    • Always make an effort to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the types of roses available in the market.
    • The size of your garden area is also important because roses need proper exposure to its surrounding air as well as to other elements.
    • If you like to create bouquets from roses, you need to choose the Hybrid Teas type of rose because some roses will fall at the petals once you cut them to prepare for your bouquet. However, if you are a novice gardener, Hybrid Teas are not suitable for you to choose.
  • There are also the climbing type of roses which are different from the regular blooms because it grows upward similar to vines. These types of roses are suitable for trellises or buildings.
    • The climbing types include hybrid teas, wichuraine, and large flowered climbers.
  • If you choose to plant the old garden type of roses, you will find that it has strong fragrances of odor.
    • This is not suitable for those who have severe allergies.
    • However, the old garden type of roses are resistant to diseases and have a long life span that enables it to continue to bloom for several months.
  • The modern type of roses is considered very special because it is a result of cross breeding of the Hybrid Teas together with the Polyanthus or also known as the Floribunda.
    • The combination are beautiful cause it offers long blooming, nice fragrant and also suitable for cutting and decoration.
  • Another type of roses is the miniatures which also have nice fragrance and beautiful but comes in small bloom. This type of roses is normally plant indoor.
  • Whenever you start to plant the rose stem, make sure that you choose an area which is well lit in the morning for at least 6 hours a day. Roses require a great deal of light in order for them to grow properly.
    • The soil also must be well drained with its PH level having the amount of acid of at least 5.5-7.0.

You can test your soil by using testing kit that you purchase from any garden center.

  • Within the period of 3 to 4 weeks after planting them, you need to water them regularly especially if you notice that the top 2 inches of soil is dry.
    • After you reach the four weeks period, you have to soak its bed for at least every 2 weeks especially in the morning.
    • Fertilization must also be done after 3 months of planting where you need to use 3 to 6 inches of mulch in order to control the moisture, temperature, keeping the plant healthy with appropriate nutrients, plus also to stop weeds from growing.
  • You have to dig a hole which is 2 times larger than the one that you use for planting the roses. This is to make it easy to plant them and also creating enough space for the plant to grow freely.
    • Fungal disease may easily infect the roses if you have poor circulation.


  • When winter arrived, you should protect your rose bushes by adding extra inches of soil at the base of the rose’s plant in order to create extra heat during the winter period.
    • Most of the cold climate type of roses includes Rugosas, Griffith Buck, Modern Roses, Centrifolias, Species Roses, Gallica, Alba and Shrub.
  • There are also low growing type of roses and ground cover roses which vary ranging from the very low growing which are sometime almost ground hugging, up to at least 5 feet tall.
    • These types of roses are very disease resistant and you will find it suitable to cover certain section of your garden that you would like people to see.

    Always remember that whenever you want to grow variety of roses,

    • For those who are serious about growing roses, it is advisable to setup a greenhouse. You will find several options available in the market for building or even purchasing a ready-made greenhouse from your local garden centers or nurseries. However, you must make sure that the greenhouse has the capability of controlling the temperature which is vital in order to grow roses especially if it is the long-stem type of roses.
    • In order to nourish the rose’s roots, you can use manure or lime and then soak the roots in water or puddle clay for several minutes.
    • Roses should be prune during the early spring season or when you notice that the flowers start to budding. The buds will normally create new branches at a later stage.
    • Always sharp your hand shears before you start to do any pruning and do it carefully because rose branches tend to overlap between each other. Therefore, you do not want to prune the wrong branch which is still healthy.

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