Hanging a Wreath on a House With Vinyl Siding

Everyone for the holidays like to make their place into something special; something that announces that the holiday season is here. Every single spot in the house will be nicely decorated in a way that the people in the house and the outside people will feel the holiday season has arrived. It is a normal thing to do for every household whenever the Christmas season is just around the corner to decorate the interior and exterior areas of their house so that it will look merrier for the festive celebrations. We all have a different way to celebrate and express ourselves during the holidays.

Christmas trees are being wrapped with ornaments and garlands, some of will also decorate holiday figures in their outside yard, plus also hanging wreaths on the house doors and walls. For those of you who have vinyl siding in your house, always remember not to use hammer to your vinyl siding for hanging wreath. Use a clever little tool that you can purchase from your local department store that will help you to hang your wreath and enjoy your attractive decoration during the holidays.

What you need to do:

  1. Ladder
  2. Vinyl siding hook or tools
  3. Wreath


  1. First thing that you must always do is practice safety in what ever projects that you want to do especially when it comes to the usage of a ladder. You have to place your ladder in a safe area near your house near the location that you want to hang the Christmas wreath near your Vinyl siding.
  2. When you start to climb the ladder, make sure that you already have the siding hook along with you placed either in your hand or in your sling bag tools. After you reach the area, which is high enough for you to hang your wreath, stop your climb and insert the siding hook at the location.
  3. Next step to do is to set the smaller end of your siding hook right against the vinyl siding and make sure that the siding hook is positioned side up.
  4. After that, you have to slip the small bent edge beneath the bottom of your siding piece and try to wiggle it from side to side enabling you to slip its end under the siding. Once you managed to do that, the small bent end of your siding hook will slip into the channel on the back of the siding piece.
  5. Finally, you would be able to hang the Christmas wreath on the large hook that you will find at the bottom of your vinyl siding hook. Make sure your Christmas wreath is balanced well and proportionate.

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