Hanging Your Wallpaper

Set up a large worktable in a different room that will allow you to spread out the wallpaper and cut it to size. A sheet of 3/4″ plywood placed over sawhorses works well.

1. Determine where and how you want the design of the wallpaper to begin at the ceiling.
2. Measure and cut out a length of wallpaper that is 6 inch longer than the wall. Mark just above the point where you want the wallpaper to reach the ceiling or crown molding and use this first sheet as a template for cutting the next one.
3. Soak the second piece in a wallpaper water tray for about 15 seconds, pull it out of the tray and lay it pattern side down on the worktable.
4. Book the ends of the wallpaper (folding both ends toward the middle, paste side in). This will allow you to carry the wallpaper more easily.
5. From a corner of the room that is most inconspicuous, mark the wall at a point that is ¼ inch less than the width of the wallpaper and draw a plumb line down the length of the wall from the mark.
6. Unbook the wallpaper, and press the top portion to the edge of the ceiling. Line up the wallpaper with the ceiling and make sure that the edge of the paper is flush with the plumb line. Try to minimize moving the wallpaper around unnecessarily, as you might stretch it and cause the seam and pattern to be out of alignment.
7. If you see the top corner of the wallpaper wrinkling, cut a slit in the paper, starting at the edge of the ceiling and cutting outward. Use a sharp utility knife or a pair of scissors.
8. Smooth out the wallpaper with a broad knife or a wallpaper brush and press it into corners. It is recommended that you start at the top of the wallpaper, working your way down using vertical strokes. Horizontal strokes can stretch the paper. Remember to work from the inside area toward the edges to remove wrinkles and bubbles.
9. Once you’ve done, trim the wallpaper at the top and bottom. Make sure that you press the paper as tightly into the corner as possible (use a straightedge to press the paper). Trim the paper where needed with a sharp utility knife.
10. Repeat by hanging the second piece and so forth. Make sure that the patterns match at the seams.
11. Leave the wallpaper up for about 15 minutes, then use a seam roller to press the seams together. Press the roller lightly to avoid a glossy area. This step is omitted with raised and flocked wallpaper.