Home Remedies for Stopped Up Toilets

It can be annoying and disturbing to have a clogged toilet, as it is not only inconvenient but also could damage the bathroom from the overflow. At the same time, you will have to perform messy cleanup. However, you could make a few things to solve this problem and save money without having to call a plumber. Here are some remedies that you can make to solve your toilet problem.

You will need:

  1. Plunger
  2. Toilet Auger
  3. Chemical De-Clogging Products



  1. The first way to solve a clogged toilet is by using a plunger. Although sometimes this will solve the clogged, sometimes it will not. Plunging will only work if you have the right type of plunger. Unless it is a small clogging problem, using the standard suction cup-style plungers will not do the work.
  2. A force of ball type plungers can solve the problem as it can remove even tough clogs when used correctly. To use this type of plunger, place it firmly over the hole in the bottom of the toilet. Push the handle down slowly and then lift it up quickly.
  3. If by plunging is not enough, you can try an auger or as some plumbers called it, snake. It is a tool that has a crank handle on one end and a cable-like device on the other.
  4. You can find auger at hardware stores or home improvement stores. There are two ways on how you can use auger. The first way is to place the cable end into the hole in the toilet and cracking the handle end. The auger can be lowered down to where the clog is.
  5. The cable end will hook onto the clog and it can be pulled back out through the hole. The second way is by cranking the auger down again and you can try to break up the clog to send it down into the septic system.
  6. There are many de-clogging products that you can use if the rest has failed. Many products have proven to help an unclogged toilet problem. Some of these products are made from very strong chemicals that can cut through nearly any substance that may clog a toilet.
  7. They are not expensive and most likely to clear the clog with only one application. It is important to follow the instructions to get better result and make sure the bathroom is well ventilated. Wear protective hand gloves and pour the product according to the label’s instructions.

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