Home Security & Safety Devices

Beyond the traditional home security system, there are home security and safety options for your family to keep them safe. Here are the steps that you can keep to make sure that your family’s safety is in optimum level.


  1. For the all windows and doors, you can install window alarms and deadbolts. Install a sliding door security bar for patio doors or place a wooden dowel along the track. This wooden dowel will help to prevent the door from being open by forced. Home security warning stickers on windows and decoy cameras will alert the burglars will move on by not entering your house.
  2. Other deterrents that you can make are by removing or trimming shrubs and bushes around the doorways and windows to prevent possible burglar hiding places. You can install motion-detector lights or bright lights around the exterior of your home. You should also keep the doors locked when you are not at home.
  3. To prevent the burglars from using the ladders to enter your home through second-floor windows, store the ladders by placing it inside your locked garage. Before going on vacation, it is important to make some measurements such as suspending your newspaper or mail delivery. Ask for a neighbor’s help to keep an eye on your home when you are not around. Install light timers to turn the lights on automatically when you are away. This will make it appear like someone is at home.

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