How Does a Wireless Home Security Alarm System Work?

Nowadays people are choosing a wireless home security alarm system because of the simple installation that it provides and also the non-existence of wires involve with the system. Previously, if you have a hard-wired home security system, you need to install them by drilling holes in your wall, pulling lots of wires to each doors, windows and also sensors within your house thus resulting in moving some of your furniture around and cleaning up all the mess that your installer have done. Today, lots of modern homeowners choose the wireless home security system due to its simple installation and also easy to maintain. Its installation is similar to plug in a phone and program your VCR or remote television.

What you need to do:

  1. A phone jack
  2. An electrical wall outlet
  3. Telephone
  4. Monitoring of the system is done by yourself

Home Security Alarm System


  1. Normally, a wireless home security system requires you to use only a phone jack and an electrical socket where you will use them to plug in the system control panel before hooking them up onto your telephone. You can pre-programmed into its computerized system with up to four phone numbers in case there is any emergency. The system does not need alarm monitoring by a home security company and you do not need to pay any monthly services fee..
  2. Whenever the alarm system is triggered, you will be able to hear a very loud siren sound and the lights in the house will be flashing on and off while the four emergency phone numbers will be immediately dialed enabling all those people that selected the numbers will be aware of any incident happening to your house.
  3. Apart from that, a wireless system is easy to be installed and you do not need any assistance from professional installer. When you have already placed the system, it will monitor your house doors, windows and detects any movement throughout your house. Once the system is tripped, it will automatically send signals to several of its functions through radio waves.
  4. Whenever the alarm is tripped, your wireless system would be able to call you and you would also be able to listen to any noise that goes on within the house. By doing this, you could determine whether you should contact the police department or not. The system also comes with a remote control button that enables the house owner to control the house lights by turning it on and off, dimming it or brightening the lights and apart from that you can also choose which lights that you want to use thus saving on your electricity bills.
  5. Normally, the wireless home security system uses a control panel that you can plug into your phone line and a wall outlet. However, there are also some wireless home security systems that use battery. The system’s control panel will monitor all information received through the remotes.
  6. Besides that, you can also add on more options on your existing wireless home security systems such as a burglar alarm system without the usage of less wires and making any mess out of your house walls.

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