How to Add Closet Scents


Whenever your clothes have been staying for quite some time in your closet, you will notice that the clothes will produce a bad odor. Even if you use fabric conditioner when you rinse the clothes, it would be able to keep the clothes smelling fresh for long period. The smell will become worse with unwanted odors if your closet is full with dresses, shirts, skirts, hats, purses, shoes, gloves, ties and scarves. If you like using moth balls in your closet, the moth balls can also create unpleasant odor especially to your outfit made of wool and cashmere. Through here, you can learn how to add closet scents without leaving any residue on your clothes within the closet.

To add closet scents, you need:

  • Car freshener
  • Essential oils
  • Potpourri or Scented sachets
  • Perfume
  • Dryer sheets
  • Left over candle wax
  • Small pieces of orange or lemon rinds, flower petals or other natural material with scent
  • Net with small holes or stocking
  • Cotton ball
  • String

Adding Closet Scents

How to Add Closet Scents

  • First thing that you can do to freshen up your closet is by hanging a car freshener in the closet
    • There are lots of car freshener’s designs with many different styles in the market today where you can choose from, such as the hanging type or even the one that you can stick on the wall.

When you deal with car freshener, you must ensure that it does not come into contact with any of your clothes because some the car fresheners have oils or colorings that can stain and damage your clothes.

  • Another method is to use left-over scented candles and you can smell strong smell especially from the wax
    • Some of your left-over wax of your scented candles can be recycled and use them as nice smell to be placed in your closet with the need to burn the candles.
    • In order to hang your left-over scented candles, simply put them into a net that has small holes or you can also use your old stocking.
    • Once finished, you can hang them anywhere you like inside your closet to make them smell fresh, but make sure to hang not too near to your clothes.
  • The next method that you can use for adding nice scents into your closet is by using essential oil.
    • Essential oil with lemon or lime scents provides a much fresh smell than other essential oil scents.
    • Take a cotton ball and tie its end using a string before you start to dab the cotton ball with the essential oil. Then, you can hang the string of cotton ball inside your closet.

You must ensure that you hang the cotton ball not too near to your clothes because essential oils can also stain your clothes. Once your cotton ball does not provide any more scent, you should replace it with a new one by repeating the same process mentioned above.

  • Apart from that, you can also use perfume in creating nice scents for your closet
    • The same step as the hanging cotton ball that you use with the essential oil can also be used for perfume.
    • If you do not have cotton ball, you use a clean cotton cloth or even a tissue paper in order to hold the scent of your perfume.
    • Many options you can use for applying the method whether to hang it inside the closet or place them into small box and place it in your closet.
  • There are also Scented sachets that look like teabag-like sachets with nice and fresh smell suitable for adding scent in your closet by just hanging them in the closet.
  • Other alternatives are to use organic and natural material such as small pieces of orange or lemon rinds, flower petals or other natural material that has nice and fresh scent.
    • You can use a small pouch and put the organic and natural items inside it before placing it in your closet
    • You need to do a regular check on these items as petals, rinds, or leaves will rot in just a few days time thus creating a bad odor inside your closet.
    • Once this happens, you should replace them with a new one in order to create a nice smell inside the closet.

    Always remember that even you have done all of the above mentioned steps

    • It will more effective if you could reduce the content of your closet and provide it with some free spaces to enable the scent to travel much freely.
    • Make an effort to clean your closet regularly because by doing so you might also able to remove some of the bad odor coming from the closet.

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