How to Build a Pond Filter System

In order to maintain your beautiful water pond, you must install it with filtration systems that enable your fish or other animals along with your water plants to maintain a healthy natural ecosystem and water environment. The common filtration being used is known as mechanical, chemical and also biological filtration system. Always remember that for you to have a well-balanced pond, you must have less supplemental filtration and with the number of fish, water plants or even other water animals must also depend on the size and depth of your pond.

To build a pond filter system, you need:

  • Large plastic tub with lid
  • Electric drill
  • Sharp knife
  • Hack saw
  • Small rocks
  • Plastic wiffle golf balls
  • Quilt batting or similar
  • Plastic window screen
  • PVC pipe
  • Silicone sealant or similar

Build a Pond Filter System

How to build a pond filter system:

  • Firstly, clean and rinse all items to build your pond, such a large plastic tub, PVC pipe or tubing and the filter media by using clear water. Then decide where you want to place the filter inside your pond and also the side where you want to attach the pump.
  • Next step is to cut a rectangle shape from the top of your plastic container and to make a hole in the side of your filter container near the bottom edge of it. It should be of the same size so that it can fit the PVC pipe for your pond filter.

It is recommended that you do not use an old swimming pool liner for your pond lining because these materials contain chemicals and chlorine, which is not very good for your pond’s ecosystem as well as the filter.

  • Afterward, you need to cut approximately 4-inch long out of your PVC pipe and another one long enough enabling you to reach the water pond from the filter.
  • Once done, place the short PVC into the hole at the side of your filter box before you use a sealant to attach it securely in place. After that, the other pipes also need to be attached together by using elbow turn pipes in order for the pipes to accept the intake hose once the pump starts to operate.

Warning: Always be careful when installing your electrical pump because if it is not installed correctly, you may end up being electrocuted. If you are not sure how to perform the installation then it is better to hire a professional electrician.

  • You can use a small number of tiny rocks (make sure they are not too small) to be placed at the bottom of your plastic pond so that you can weigh the filter in place as well as provide homage for the growth of bacteria colonies.
  • You can also place plastic wiffle ball golf balls or even other similar materials on top of your rocks so that it will act as “bio-balls” like the ones usually used in an expensive filter system.
  • Next, you can use a porous pad of quilt batting to complete your pond’s internal filtration. Another alternative is to buy the recommended filter via an online store or at your local hardware store.
  • For you to cover the opening of your plastic container, you can simply cut a piece of window screen material large enough to cover any opening. It is some sort of a first layer filtration to stop any materials clogging your filter or pump. Once done, your water pond filtration system is ready and can be placed into the pond. You can also attach it to the pump.


There are many ways to build and adorn your pond.

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