How to Build a Strawberry Path with Netting


It does not matter whether you are human being or birds; fresh strawberries are always tempting enough to eat. Whenever there is any successful berry patch, you will see birds flying around because it is a common pest that you will find within a strawberry garden. Some of the gardeners will use the method of having scarecrows or electronic and ultrasonic deterrent devices for keeping the birds away from their strawberry path. Another secured method is by covering the strawberries using a tent or garden netting of secured fine mesh which is one of the effective and inexpensive manners to keep away birds from eating up the strawberries. You will find more tips and information from this piece especially in selecting the right netting for your strawberry garden.

To build a strawberry path with netting, you need:

  • Flat topped stakes, at least 2 feet long
  • Mallet
  • Fine garden mesh, four times the length and two times the width of your strawberry path
  • Shears
  • Staple gun
  • Stakes
  • Herbicide
  • Fertilizer
  • Shovel

Building a Strawberry Path with Netting

How to Build a Strawberry Path with Netting

  • The first thing that you need to do is to drive stakes into the ground of about one foot apart and at least with a depth of 6 inches on either side of your strawberry path.
    • Then, you need to pack the loose soil around the base in order to make sure that the stakes are always stable.
  • Next step that you have to do is to unroll the garden mesh and cut them into four pieces with each of them having an equal-size.

Strawberries need to be grown in a full sunlight area that has a well-draining soil. Always take into consideration the strawberries growing requirements when you want to choose an area for building the path for its garden.

  • Each of the stakes must be stapled with the mesh thus creating a mesh cage around the strawberry path’s perimeter.
    • You should be using two full pieces of the mesh along with a length of a third so that it can be used as gate to its front and back.
  • Then, you need to lay the last length of mesh on the top of the stakes before you start to staple to the top of each of the stake in order to produce the roof of the cage.
  • Finally, you must make sure to leave at least 5 inches of space between the top of your strawberry plant and the surface of the roof.
    • By doing this, you would be able to prevent birds from landing on the roof and pecking through the mesh in order to eat the strawberries.

    Always remember that whenever you want to build a strawberry path with netting

    • You should avoid building a strawberry path especially in low-lying areas. This is to reduce the risk of the strawberries being damaged by frost.
    • Make sure that you remove any weeds that you found on the pathway with an herbicide that consist of glyphosate. Besides that, you should also spray grass or weeds on the pathway and then, you need to wait for at least 10 days before you start to dig up and remove all of the dead vegetation.
    • Choose the right type of netting. Light weights netting is virtually invisible compared to heavier premium weights which are more effective and long lasting in keeping birds away from the strawberries.

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