How to Build a Temporary Brick Barbecue

You can make a brick barbeque out of bricks together with a metal grill and it can range from as simple as temporary grill or even a large base barbeque pit enabling you to do your outdoor cooking comfortably. Whatever the design that you decide to use, you should always sketch your overall design of the barbeque area and also make a shortlist of the parts that you needed either by using recycled, secondhand material as well as new bricks of your choice.

Why choose barbecue?

Once in a while, it’s nice to have a small gathering among family and friends and it’s even better if barbecuing is present on the list. There is something about barbeque that just makes every gathering different. People would jump at an invitation to a gathering if barbecuing happens to be on the list.

Where to barbecue?

To barbecue, you need to first have a proper place; somewhere clean and not windy for a smooth barbecuing. If you can’t find a stable place then there’s always the option of creating a temporary brick barbecue. A temporary barbecue works best if it’s implemented on a road trip to the beach or anywhere else.

Before getting started, you need to have:

  • A load of large bricks
  • A round grill grate
  • A round piece of heat-proof sheet metal
  • A few of large and suitable stones

How to create your temporary brick barbecue

Let’s get started with the basics before jumping in the real thing

  • Plan the position and also the size of your circular fire pit grill where it should be the same size as your grill grate. This grill grate can be your standard measurement guide for the size and its diameter should be a little bit smaller than the grill grate diameter.

Now on to the real thing

  • To start building your temporary brick barbeque, you place the bricks by laying them on the ground according to your grill but slightly smaller. The first layer will always be the protection against the ground heat that comes from the fire and charcoal. Make sure that the bottom bricks that you build are flat.

    A small tip to make the process stronger:

    It is recommended that you use large type of bricks, which are much more stable and not easily toppled. The number of bricks to use will always depend on the size that you want for your barbeque brick area.

The most important part of building a brick barbecue, even though it’s not meant to last for a long time

  • Creating walls on the three sides of the base using bricks while one side of it must be left open, which is normally on the front side of the pit.

How close you want your grill to be against the fire

  • You don’t have to be a connoisseur of barbecue to know this. You can place bricks from three to four courses high. As for the fire, you can build it using wood or charcoal before placing the grill grate over the fire on top of the brick.

    Before continuing, here’s something you should keep in mind:

    Always remember not to make your barbeque brick near flammable materials or surface as well as near overhanging branches which can create fire.

Take a quick look around to see if you missed anything, if not then you’re good to go

  • Once your fire is good, then you can start cooking your food.
  • Here’s another tip that will help you get the best barbecue results:

    If this is your first time barbecuing, then stand by the fire at all times and supervise your meat well in case it doesn’t accidentally burn. Don’t forget to flip and turn. Bon App├ętit!

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