How to Clean Synthetic Lacquer Spray


In order to make your wooden furniture, figurines, d├ęcor pieces or other items into a very fine and smooth glossy paint, you can use Synthetic lacquer spray. Whenever you are using Synthetic lacquer spray, you would not be able to avoid the lacquer from over spraying. Even if you are professional in using the material, you still will not be able to avoid certain amount of Synthetic lacquer over spraying whether onto your clothes or on your work area. Overspray of lacquer normally happen when the spray gun that you used are sprayed into the air and blown by the wind to other areas or even to your clothes. Every time, you encounter with an over spray of lacquer, you need to attend to the problem immediately in order to prevent it from settling into other material. This piece will help you to learn the process of cleaning Synthetic lacquer whenever it occurs.

To clean synthetic lacquer spray, you need:

  • Cloths
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Container
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Sandpaper
  • Face mask
  • Eyewear
  • Gloves

Cleaning Synthetic Lacquer Spray

How to Clean Synthetic Lacquer Spray

  • First thing that you need to do is take a clean cloth and then soak it into a bucket of water.
    • Then, you need to rub the cloth over the area of the synthetic lacquer spray happened until the stain is removed.
  • If you find that the stain is still there and would not come off even when you have rub it for a long time,
    • You need to do another method where you have to take a container and then mix three drops of liquid dish soap together with one cup of hot water. Stir them together until it is completely mixed.
    • Once finished, you can dip a clean cloth into the container that contains the soapy water and rub the cloth over the affected area of the synthetic lacquer stains.
    • Make sure to rub it until the stains are successfully removed.
  • As for much more stubborn stains of Synthetic lacquer, you have to use denatured alcohol.
    • Take a clean cloth and soak it into a container that you have poured denatured alcohol.
    • After that you can rub the cloth over the affected area of the synthetic lacquer stains right until you find the stains have been removed.

Always be extra careful when dealing with denatured alcohol because it is a strong chemical which is capable of removing even varnishes and also stains normally found on your wooden furniture as well as on the walls.

  • Once you see that the lacquer stains have been removed, you must rinse the surface of the affected area with water.
    • Make sure to allow the area to dry thoroughly and do not let your wooded surface in a wet condition because it can damage the wood.

It is recommended that you always put on a face mask, eyewear and wear hand gloves whenever dealing with chemical finishing materials. This is a safety measures that you need take to protect yourself from chemicals.

  • You can also remove lacquer overspray using sand paper.
    • Take your sand paper and fold it lengthwise with its grit on the inside of the fold.
    • Next, you hold the sand paper with your palm with the smooth side of the paper facing out and then rub it against the dry overspray. Rub it gently in circle mode so that it will remove any of the sandy and gritty feel of the over sprayed lacquer until it has been removed completely.

    Always remember that when you want to clean synthetic lacquer spray

    • You must always keep your spray gun pointed downwards in order for you to avoid any overspray.
    • Sometimes, you will not be able to see overspray and when it will happen. Therefore, you need to check for overspray every time your lacquer has dried completely. Then you have to check the lacquer by rubbing your palms gently over the lacquer so that you can feel if there is any overspray.

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