How to Decorate a Loft with Style

A loft is normally recognized as a modern area decorated with bright colored, uncluttered living space by using either traditional loft style or modern loft style. For a common modern loft apartment, you would be able to find its living areas within a large area except the bathroom. The most important thing in loft design is that to ensure the house is uncluttered, eye-catching as well as practical to its house owner. During the past few years, you would be able to see that warehouses or industrial buildings are turned into loft apartments. However, in modern concept of loft style whether you have an apartment, condo or a normal house, you would still be able to design them into a sleek, urban and modern loft style house. Below are some of the ideas that you can use to create a loft-style house.

To decorate a loft with style, you need:

  • Pencil
  • A piece of paper for designing loft layout
  • Area rugs
  • A room divider or screens
  • Large furniture to be use as walls
  • Multipurpose furnishings
  • Decorative artwork
  • Tall potted plants
  • Throw pillows and afghans
  • Tall floor lamps
  • Large sculptures
  • Upholstery with minimal patterns

Decorating a Loft with Style

How to Decorate a Loft with Style

  • First thing that you need to do is draw the shape that you require from your house
    • The layout of the shape need to be drawn into a piece of paper.
    • You need to allocate areas for your sleeping area, dining area, living area or area for entertainment.
    • Planning is important so that you would be able to imagine how it would look like when your furniture is brought into the area.

Planning your idea on a piece of paper will help you a lot rather than moving your furniture around and see whether it is suitable or not for your loft style.

  • Then, you can use area rugs in order to create a separation for certain area within the room or even settings that you want to create inside the room
    • For example, you might want to separate your room area with a couple of comfortable chairs, an end table, a reading lamp and also another room, which is used for watching television along with a sofa.
  • The next idea of loft style is to use a room divider or screens
    • This is when you feel like hiding certain areas of the loft that you do not want anyone else to see them.
    • This is also to create privacy in certain area for example the area of your bedroom space.
  • Large furniture can be used as walls enabling you to break certain open spaces
    • Example of large furniture that you can use is china cabinets, armoires or bookcases.
  • You can also use multipurpose furnishings in order to reduce storage space inside your loft home
    • Some of the multipurpose furnishings that you can use are coffee tables, ottomans or chests because this type of furnishings normally comes with hidden storage departments while certain items of the furnishings can also be used as extra seating when the need arises.
  • Use decorative artwork that you can hang on the walls
    • Whenever you use decorative artwork, you would be able to define the space as well as adding color to your walls.

Always use a large piece of decorative artwork in order to balance your open space area and also preventing the area to become lost in the loft room especially if you are having high ceilings.

  • Another idea that you can use is by placing tall potted plants like ficus trees or large silk plants
    • A good place to put the tall potted plants is at the corners of your loft room.
    • The tall potted plants will help provide natural or outdoor look to your loft house plus also making it much more pleasant.
  • Apart from that, you can also add throw pillows and afghans as additional decoration to your sofa or other furniture
    • Throw pillows and afghans also help provide your loft house to look soft and also avoid stark and bare look to the area.
  • You can also make use of tall floor lamps and large sculptures where you can place in certain are within the loft house especially if your house is designed with high ceilings.

    Always remember that contemporary furnishings are the most suitable item to be included in your loft house

    • Other than that, you can also use clean, straight line furniture along with pale, neutral color on your walls.
    • You can always use any of your personal style d├ęcor as long as it is suitable with the loft style concept.
    • You can select suitable artwork and accessories whether it has a country, traditional or Victorian theme.
    • Always keep you loft home neat and tidy.

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