How to Decorate a Row Home from the Late 1800s

Rom home or row houses built in the 1800s era were designed in a conjoined style and you would be able to find most of them located in the city of Georgetown, Boston, Philadelphia and New York in the United States. The row home is normally an urban dwelling that share a wall with neighbors on each side, but does not include the end units. There are also no neighbors on the above and below of the row home units. If you want to decorate a row home, it is best that you select a classic style that reflects the similar style of the late 1800s period in order to make your house look different from any other modern house that you can see today.

To decorate a row home from the late 1800s, you need:

  • Throw rugs
  • Hallway runners
  • Wood furniture

Decorating a Row Home from the late 1800s

How to Decorate a Row Home from the late 1800s

  • The first thing that you need to do is to conserve and refurbish the original floors of your row home.
    • Normally, row homes are designed with beautiful hardwood floors. For hardwood floors that look old, you need to sand and stain the original wood floors.
    • If the damage is beyond repair, you should replace them instead.
    • You can also add throw rugs or hallway runners in order to add a cozy setting that is suitable with the late 1880s period.
  • Next, you need to select wooden furniture that has a high quality.
    • For example, you can use an oak dining table that comes with matching chairs.
    • Other than that, a complementary wooden hutch along with an old-fashioned roll-top desk is also suitable for the row home décor.
    • Always avoid the pressed-board furniture and black lacquer because it is not suitable to be used for the mentioned period.
  • You can also use arts and crafts style of décor to decorate your row home.
    • For instance, you can hang handmade quilts, stained glass lamps and original or reproductions of artwork that represent the late 1800s period.
    • Then, you can paint your walls using natural colors in muted shades such as the mossy green, burnt sienna and dove gray colors.
  • If you have black and white photographs, you can hang them throughout the walls in your row home.
    • If you do not have one, you can simply take photos of your neighborhood in black and white or sepia so that it will look like an aged photo. Try to take photos of other adjoining row homes within your neighborhood.
    • Besides that, you can also capture photos of the natural flora and fauna found nearby your house.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate a row home from the late 1800s

    • You must ensure that it represents the real classic look and stylish feature of the late 1800s era.

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