How to Decorate Alpine Chic

Alpine chic decoration or rustic chic decoration is a combination and a mixture of old-school trend and theme that basically uses a lumberjack cabin, which comes with a modern touch from a woman’s point of view. Although the Alpine chic concept can be adapted to any living environment of house, but it is most suitable if the backdrop of your house have the atmosphere of a mountain scene or even country home setting. It can also have a setting of a relaxing atmosphere where you would be able to enjoy reading books as well as slurping a nice cup of coffee during rainy days or winter period.

To decorate Alpine Chic, you need:

  • Rugs with earth-tone concept or animal print
  • Wood floors
  • Reclaimed wood paneling or neutral, warm-color paint
  • Paintings or photographs of nature and animals
  • Wood picture frames
  • Wood furniture
  • Accent decor

Decorating Alpine Chic

How to Decorate Alpine Chic

  • The first thing that you need to do is to have an area rug that you can lay down on top of your wood flooring.
    • You can use area rugs designed with animal prints or even designs that come with earth kind of colors like brown and off-whites.
    • If you have dark floorings, you need to use a light skin type of area rugs. As for light floorings, you must make sure that your hide is dark enough to enable you to create lots of contrast setting.
  • Then, you need to apply reclaimed wood paneling onto your walls.
    • You can use wood paneling with neutral or warm color paint. For example, you can use beige or sage color type for enhancing the look of your walls.
    • Apart from that, you can also hang a few paintings and framed posters that have nature look or animals background.
    • You can also create a natural setting by using earthy feeling from the usage of wood frames.

The Alpine Chic decoration or Rustic Chic or also known as Chalet Chic is commonly found in mountain lodge that provides you with contemporary and fresh look especially in the Austrian Alps. It is also a combination of modern elements that come with dazzling interior design that uses the natural alpine environment in order to create a cozy, rustic setting that not only provides you with warm interior especially during cold winter season.

  • You can also create a beautiful stone tiled wall as your feature wall so that it will really stand out from the rest of your surrounding walls.
  • Other decoration of Alpine chic that you can use is a wood-frame bed that comes with a soft bedspread.
    • Besides that, you can also use furniture that incorporates wood for example sofa with wood legs or sides and a bed with a wood headboard.
    • If you have large areas, you can simply arrange your seating décor with semi-circular pattern like your sofa flanked by angled armchairs that you can place in your family room.
  • Another option that you can choose to decorate Alpine chic is by applying soft color types of various décor suitable for your house.
    • For instance, you can choose a light mint green or bedspread with purple color theme or duvet.
    • You can also use sofa accent pillows that come with rustic orange color, plus also off-white, soft green or blue tone colored vases.
  • Finally, you can plan your window treatments; you can choose to use a heavy linen or burlap that has a simple and modern look.
    • Remember to avoid any kind of a fussy look on your window.
    • For example, you can use grommets and use felt in order to trim your curtains.
    • Grommets come with saturated color which provide contrast and washed out look of your linen making it appearance looking much more expensive.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate Alpine chic for your house interior

    • Especially for any house that has a fireplace, you can use it as your room’s focal point.
    • Always ensure that you avoid using bright, unnatural colors and materials like neon pink and plastics.
    • Try to incorporate mountain range elements for your Alpine chic by using naturally found items such as pine, fir and cedar. You must also be creative enough to combine it with natural components like stone, cowhide rugs, sheepskin throws, linen curtains, hand carved furniture, plus also bone and horn accessories.
    • You can also use felt for your Alpine interiors or even combining your contemporary leather couch along with rustic wooden chairs. In addition to that, you can add chrome, stainless steel and silver accents to your Alpine chic setting. The felt can also be used in unexpected places such as place matts or even decorative motifs that has been sewn to your pillows.
    • Apart from that, you can also look for Adirondack chair which originated from the Appellation mountains and it is suitable for your Alpine chic concept.

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