How to Decorate Bedrooms in Bungalows


A bedroom is a sanctuary and also an important place for you to rest and relax yourself after a hard day at work. Always make sure that you decorate the bedroom with a tasteful feeling, comfortable, inviting, open feeling and also relaxing. Creative ideas are most the important for you to start with. If you have a spacious bedroom, it does not mean that you can fill the room with an array of furniture.

To decorate bedrooms in bungalows, you need:

  • Research work and ideas for decorating bedrooms
  • Paint or color is the key
  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Pictures
  • Mirror
  • Curtains

Decorating Bedrooms in Bungalows

How to Decorate Bedrooms in Bungalows

  • The first thing that you need to do is to select light paint colors to be used for your walls. Colors play an important part whenever you want to decorate your bedrooms.
    • This is because light colors such as cream, pale blue or light purple help to make your bedrooms look larger than the actual size especially if the bungalow is designed with a small size room.
    • As for large bedrooms, you can use brighter shades of colors such as orange, lemon yellow or rosy pink in order to make it more comfortable, warm and cozy.
  • You must try to limit the furniture that you want to use in the bedroom.
    • For example, you could only use a bed together with a dresser.
    • If you can purchase a bed along with a set of build in drawers at the bottom edge of the bed frame, it would help a lot in decorating the bedroom.
    • For large bedrooms, you can divide them into different zones. For example, creating your sleeping zone, dressing zone and reading zone.
    • Larger bedrooms also require you to purchase larger furniture or accessories. For example, you can use high king size bed with double mattress, fluffy pillows, plus also a large size of picture.
    • You can also use intricately designed tapestries or a colorful painting that you can hang them within the room. Make sure they follow the mood and style of your bedroom concept.
    • Always place your bed against the wall so that no one who enters the room would be able to see your bed from the outside.
    • Other items that you can use are the chest or family cabinet where you can simply place it at the foot of your bed.

If your bungalow comes with a small room, it is important for you to conserve as much space as possible. If you could condense the usage of furniture inside the bedroom the better it would be like.

  • Make sure to hang mirrors and glass picture frames on your bedroom’s wall. By applying this technique, all of the items will reflect light to the surrounding area of the room and makes it look much brighter and open.
  • Decorate your curtains by pulling them to both sides of your windows.
    • This is to enable more lights to penetrate into your bedroom
    • Other than that, it will also help makes your wall and window much larger.
    • Use double layers of curtains together with long and heavy drapes.
  • In order to make your bedroom feel more open, you need to limit the number of accessories within the bedroom.
    • The bedroom space will feel restricted if you use lots of pillows as well as stuffed animals or teddy bears.
  • You can also place a round shaped bedside tables and lamps if the lamp design is traditional concept.
    • Modern bedside lamps can be purchased at any of your electrical stores. They usually come with varied shapes and size in order for our customers to choose from.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate bedrooms in bungalows

    • Do not place any of your accessories around the bedroom and block your walking space within the room.
    • If you think that the decorating task is a heavy work for you to handle, you can simply hire a professional interior designer.
    • If you still have ample space within your room, you can add more accessories, such as potted plants, flowers and floral art works.

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