How to Fix Up a Raised Ranch


You will always find that a raised ranch type of house usually comes with a specific design of split level house that features an interior staircase located within 5 or 10 feet away from the front door. As for the rest of the house living space such as bedrooms, the living room and kitchen are located on the second level of the house. Raised ranch type of home also has a garage room attached to the house. There are lots of ways for you to apply in order to fix up or providing a face-lift to your raised ranch house whether to its interior as well as the exterior.

To fix up a raised ranch, you need:

  • New larger, dressier and more energy efficient windows
  • New door with window
  • Energy-efficient shingles with light color
  • Neutral or earth-toned color paints
  • New Siding
  • Add a deck or patio
  • Paving stones for pathway

Fixing Up a Raised Ranch

How to Fix Up a Raised Ranch

  • The first thing that you need to do is to replace the raised ranch home new windows
    • Replace the existing windows with a new, larger, and dressier along with energy efficient type of windows.
    • You need to add another two windows to flank your front door so that you would be able to brighten up your foyer.
    • If you want to have extra sunlight and also create a luxurious look, just replace the front door with a new door that comes with a small window.
  • If you want to create a facelift to your house’s exterior, you should
    • Change the existing roof’s shingles with a new and energy-efficient shingles.
    • It is recommended that you use lighter-colored roofing so that you can prevent the roof from absorbing too much heat thus increasing your air condition usage and also electricity bills.
    • Use a neutral or earth-toned colored paint to paint your wood siding, the whole house, and change the color of all your accents like dormers and shutters. Dark color can also be used like dark green or dark blue so that you can compliment with the roof’s color.

    For those of you who want to reduce the maintenance of your house in future, it is recommended that you install neutral-colored vinyl siding. By doing this, you would be able provide fresher look to your raised ranch home.

  • To make your master bedroom look much bigger, you can renovate it by removing walls between the master bedroom and another bedroom.
    • Once you finish removing the walls, your master bedroom will look larger where you could accommodate a seating area for you to read books or even just relax for a while.
    • Apart from that, you can also install a fireplace in the bedroom along with building a deluxe walk-in closet.
  • If the house has an interior staircase, you need to find a new suitable location to place the staircase.
    • You might require hiring a structural contractor if you want to move the staircase.
    • By moving the interior staircase to other location will help increase the flow that comes via the foyer and directly into other areas of your raised ranch home.
  • Another alternative is for you to add a deck or patio at the back of your house.
    • The deck should be build just a little bit off the kitchen or dining room.
    • In order to protect the deck from weather elements, you need to stain and seal the deck. As for those of you who like to build a second floor deck, make sure that you install patio tiles. This is for creating an outdoor relaxing area just beneath the deck.
  • Finally, you can also change the landscape surrounding your raised ranch home by,
    • Using paving stones for creating nice walkways coming into the home and also around your yard.
    • You can also plant flowers or other plants along your newly built patio, deck as well as walkways.

    Always remember that whenever you want to fix up a raised ranch,

    • A simple thing to do is to change the paint and siding of your raised ranch which sometimes it helps you feel different towards your home or even can further increase the resale value of the house.
    • Another way of fixing your raised ranch is by replacing your haphazard stone retaining wall with a more modern and orderly wall which can create cleaner lines. Besides that, you can also replace the roof with a new roof, plus also change the shutters that surround your front windows.

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