How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell from a House


Whenever your cat urinates in many places in your house, it will result to a bad strong odor. In fact, it is well known that a cat’s urine is smellier than a dog’s urine. This is because a cat’s urine contains lots of protein and also the cat has a habit of marking its territory so it won’t stop until the territory has been marked. Once the urine saturates on your carpet, furniture, or hardwood floors and you leave it unattended, it will be very hard for you to remove it. Dried urine can also create crystals that forms serious odor and making your task of removing the odor or stains much more difficult. In order to reduce the improper way of your cat’s urination, you can consult your local veterinary to see whether the cat can be sprayed or neutered or even checked for other common health problems such as kidney disease, urinary tract infection, urinary blockage, or stress.

To get rid of cat urine smell, you need:

  • Enzymatic pet odor product
  • Black light
  • Visit to your vet
  • Old rags or paper towels
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Old brush

Removing Cat Urine Smell from a House

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell From a House

  • First thing to do is to determine and locate the area where the cat urine is positioned. Due to its strong odor, sometimes it is difficult for you to know its exact location.
    • You have to do it the traditional way by following your smell instinct to check where the urine is whether it is from your carpet, walls or floors.
    • Another way of finding your cat urine’s location is by using a black light bulb and then you need to turn off the lights of your house before you start to walk around the house with the black lamp.

The reason for using the black light bulb is because when you turn off your house lights and uses the black light, you will be able to detect stains from cat urine.

  • Another option to use in order to get rid of cat urine smell is to use an enzymatic pet odor that you can purchase from your local pet store
    • Though it is an expensive product, it is efficient in removing cat urine because it contains live enzymes and bacterial cultures that are able to sweep away the urine’s odor and stains.
  • In order to use the pet odor product, every instructions from its manufacturer need to be followed accordingly
    • Always test the product in hidden area to make sure it will not affect either your furniture or floor.
    • Once you know it is alright to use the product, you can proceed with soaking the affected area that has the cat’s urine or smell.
    • If your cat urinates on your carpet, you need to lift the corner of the carpet in order to treat its padding and the section beneath the carpet. By doing this, you will be able to treat every area that is affected.
    • As for stubborn stains, you should treat it more than one until the smell is really gone.

It is recommended that you fix your cat at your local veterinary clinic in order to reduce their habit of urinating all over your house. The term of sprayed is used for female cats while neutered is used for male cats.

  • Other option of removing cat urine smell is by
    • Taking lots of old rags or paper towels and blot as much as possible your cat’s urine.
    • Then, mix three parts of water together with one part vinegar and soak the affected area with the solution.
    • Dry thoroughly the carpet and then, sprinkle it using baking soda.
    • After that, you need to mix ¾ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution using one tea spoon of dish detergent before sprinkling it over the baking soda.
    • Next step is for you to use your finger or an old brush to apply all of the solution with the Baking soda.
    • Finally, you need to dry and vacuum the affected area on your carpet.
    • If the cat urine’s odor is still there, you need to rinse and repeat the above mentioned step a few times more.

    Always remember and take note that

    • Your cat always urinates in a similar area if the odor or stain of its urine is still there. Therefore you should immediately remove your cat’s urine as quickly as possible.
    • Make sure to test the effect of hydrogen peroxide on small area first before applying it on your carpet

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