How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bug or its scientific name of periplaneta Americana is categorized as a member of the winged cockroach and also known as American cockroach or water bug. The Palmetto bugs are found in most of the states in America and they are frequent house pets in places such as Durban, Cape Town, New York, Montreal or Toronto. The bugs can grow to approximately 2 inches in length and capable to walk across the ceilings and fly. Below are some of the tips that you can learn in order to protect your house from Palmetto bugs.

To get rid of palmetto bugs, you need:

  • Fine-mesh screen
  • Duct tape
  • Vacuum cleaner with disposable bags
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop
  • Disinfectant floor cleaner
  • Roach traps

Getting Rid of Palmetto Bugs

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

  • First thing that you need to do is to seal off any possible entry points of the Palmetto bugs.
    • In order to do this, you can use fine-mesh screening and duct tape to seal off any holes that you see around your house.
    • You can also nail weather stripping along the bottom of all your doors.
    • Cracks found along your house foundation or near the windows also need to be sealed off.

For those who have palm trees that grow really close to your house, you need to seal off any cracks that you see on top of your roof. Ensure that all drains are plugged if it is not in use.

  • All natural habitats for the palmetto bugs need to be removed such as tall grass found near your house, foliage, piles of straw, wooden crates and patio rugs.
  • Any palmetto bugs that you find inside your house need to be swept out of your house by using a broom or you can also use vacuum cleaners.
    • Make sure you remove and seal your vacuum cleaners disposable bag as soon as you finished vacuuming the bugs. You can also kill off the bugs by vacuuming a small portion of boric acid.
  • Always keep your food areas clean and tidy especially during the night.
    • Wash all dishes and utensils properly and place it in a suitable compartment.
    • Do not leave any pet food and water bowls throughout the night.
    • Make sure to clean your kitchen floor with disinfectant
    • The more food and water resources that the bugs like to thrive for, you would be able to get rid of them much faster.
  • Besides that, you can also use baited traps with large enough openings for the bugs to enter.
    • You should leave the trap near your sink and stoves as well as kitchen counters.
    • If you are using liquid poison as baits, you have to monitor the trap frequently.

    Always remember that if you want to get rid of palmetto bugs,

    • You can use boric acid to remove the palmetto bugs especially in humid climates
    • Other option that you can use is by using sticky mouse trap that would be able to hold the bugs.
    • If you have extra budget, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional exterminator so that they can spray the exterior perimeter of your house and the floors of closets, garages and sheds.
    • If you are using roach traps, do not place them where your children or pets can touch the traps.
    • Pesticide killers are also not recommended especially if you have cats in the house because they might accidentally eat poisoned bugs.

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