How to Get Rid of Spiders Using Bleach

The bleach that you normally use in your laundry is actually a very effective solution that you can use for getting rid of spiders. Apart from its ability for whitening white fabric, discolor colored products as well as neutralizing anthrax, bleach is considered as a multipurpose solution. It is also classified as a pesticide and fungicide category because of its capability of killing bacterial cells and it is also able to kill household pests that include spiders that have been living in your house or outside area including your garden area. You must always take extra precaution whenever you are using bleach solution or product because it has harmful side effects not only to humans, but also to the surfaces that you apply the bleach. Remember to always protect your hands and eyes if you are using bleach solution.

To get rid of spiders using bleach, you need:

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Broom or vacuum

Getting Rid of Spiders Using Bleach

How to Get Rid of Spiders using Bleach

  • First thing, you need to do is to take your bleach solution along with water
    • Then, you have to mix one part of the bleach solution together with three parts of water
    • Once you have mixed them well enough, you need to pour them into a spray bottle
  • Take the spray bottle that you have poured with the mixture
    • Spray it onto the effected area or directly to the spiders with approximately 6 to 10 inch distance.
    • You can spray as much as you want in order to kill the spiders. The amount of mixture needed to kill spiders also depends on the size of the spiders.
  • Once you have finished killing of the spiders
    • You need to sweep the entire dead spider and throw it away into your trash can.
    • Make sure to wipe off any remaining bleach that you can see on the surface of the effected areas in order to avoid bleaching effects that might occur.

You must do the spraying of the bleach mixture onto the effected areas that you think the spiders might be hiding, under sinks, corner of your house, nesting as well as its access entry into your house. Make sure to spray the mixture every week until the winter season arrived. The mixture will serve as a repellent in getting rid of spiders within your house.

Always remember that when you want to spray bleach mixture in order to kill spiders

  • Make sure that you always be extra careful and do not stand to close to the effected area at least in the range of between 6 to 10 inches when you are spraying the bleach mixture. Bleach is very dangerous and can damage your eyes and skin whenever you are infected with it for a long time or in large amount.
  • You should also be careful on the area that you are spraying the bleach because bleach can cause discolor not only to walls, but also to your floors.

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