How to Grow a Container Garden

For those of you who do not have enough area or garden to plant your favorite flowers, you can simply grow a container garden where you can choose a wide many types of containers with variety of shapes and sizes in order to plant your favorite flowers. To give you some ideas on container garden, you can try to use wooden tubs and barrels to make a container garden for planting strawberry, use square boxes for planting azaleas or any other low and bushy plants, while Florentine urns and pedestal vases are suitable for planting sculptural plants like succulents or cacti.

To grow a container garden, you need:

  • Suitable containers and pots
  • Plants
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Small stones or Gravel
  • Containers for drainage
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Trowel
  • Watering can

Growing a Container Garden

How to Grow a Container Garden

  • If you only have a small patio area or porch, it does not mean that you cannot create a simple garden of vegetables or flowers through a container garden
    • You can use various types of containers like planter boxes, clay pots, wooden barrels, hanging baskets and large flowerpots to create your very own simple kind of summer or organic garden
  • Another aspect that you need to take care of is your gardening soil. You need to make sure that the soil drains well in order to keep its moisture in good condition and the roots will always stay damp.
    • Try to use common compost or a good potting soil and also check the requirements of your soil to see whether it is suitable to grow on what kind of soils.
    • You can also use sand, garden soil and peat moss.
    • Make sure that you leave at least a 2-inch space after you add soil to a container between the top of soil and the container top.

Make sure to prevent soil from washing out of your pots by lining it with newspaper, fiberglass cloth or by using other porous material.

  • The area where you want to place the container garden should be able to receive at least 5 hours of sunlight during the day.
    • Certain types of plants need more sunlight while others only need a portion of the sun’s light. For instance, beets and carrots wanted more sunlight and the same thing goes for tomatoes and cucumbers. As for cabbage and lettuce, you need to provide a little bit of shade on them.
  • As for potted plants, you need to fertilize and water them accordingly
    • Fertilizing and watering your potted plants need to be done often especially when the weather is very hot.

In order to boost your plant capabilities, you can give the plants fish fertilizer. It can also provide them with balanced vitamins and good nutrient solutions.

  • You can also grow annual flowers such as Pansy plants, marigold flowers, Nasturtium flowers , snapdragon plants, periwinkle flowers, and lobelia flowers
    • All of the plants mentioned above can be grown in a container garden
    • You can even grow them using grow kits or just by placing them under a grow light
  • Vegetables can also be grown in container garden. For example, some of them are leafy lettuce, mustard cress or silver beets.
    • In order to plant vegetables, you should be using 5 gallon containers. As for carrots, radishes or herbs, you can use window sill to plant them.
    • Cherry tomatoes, peppers, baby carrots or spring onions can be easily grown inside your garden pots

    Always remember that when you want to grow a container garden

    • You should always follow the normal planting schedules according to the climates of your surrounding environment whenever you start to do any planting
    • As your plant starts to grow taller and much heavier, you have to cage the plants so that you would be able to tie down some of the uncontrollable plants.
    • If there are any leftover seeds, you can save some of them for next season.
    • Make sure that you warn your children not to play near insecticides plant as they are dangerous.

Although gardening needs you to be hardworking, it is actually an enjoyable hobby. It is worthwhile as to think about the bountiful harvest and the blooming flowers resulted from your hard work. For those who enjoy the process of gardening and have a special love for this hobby must know how difficult and hard planting a plant or tree must be. Gardeners take a long time before planting to analyze the soil, the temperature and the weather. Everything is done accordingly so that the plant will not suffer. There will be no gardener who would want their garden of strawberries munched by squirrels and begonias being romped by the cats. The perfect way to avoid all that is to grow a container garden.

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