How to Harvest Dandelion Root

It is quite difficult and challenging for us to reclaim the dandelion root from the hard ground. Harvesting the dandelion roots can be considered as a hard labor work because you need to do lot of digging in order to retrieve the roots. Most parts of the dandelion are normally used for medicinal purposes which include detoxification of the kidneys, swelling, skin problems, digestive discomfort, fever, vision problems, and diabetes.

To harvest the dandelion roots, you need:

  • Garden hose
  • Garden gloves
  • Shovel
  • Spade
  • Knife
  • Bucket

Harvesting Dandelions Roots

How to Harvest Dandelions Roots

  • In order to harvest for dandelion roots, you need to do during certain time of the year and the best time is during the spring season especially on a wet and soggy day.
    • Look for any location where the soil has already been loosen or tiled from the work done on the previous year.
    • Then, you need to look for a dandelion clump in order for you to push your shovel at least a foot into the ground beside the dandelion plant. Once you do this several time you would be able to dig out the dandelion clump along with the dandelion roots beneath the ground. Ensure that you shake the dirt off from the dandelion clump and put it aside to enable you to separate the roots, leaves and stem.
    • Apart from the root, you can also collect all the dandelion leaves and also its stem. You must ensure that the roots of the dandelion do not break when you pull them out from the ground.
    • As long as the soil is wet enough, the ground has also loosened up; the dandelion roots will definitely come off nicely without breaking up.
  • Once you managed to gather several dandelion roots from your garden, you need to place them into a bucket in order to let them soak.
    • By doing this, you would be able to clean the roots much easier.
    • You must at least soak the dandelion roots for at least 15 minutes.
    • While you soak the first batch of your dandelion roots, you can harvest another batch of the roots from your garden.

Always wear your garden gloves in order to protect your hands.

  • Once the dandelion roots have soaked, you need to remove the roots from the water.
    • Rinse the roots one more time by using running water and after this, the roots can be used for either roasted or dried.


  • The dandelion roots which have been dried can be grind by using a coffee grinder and later on use to make dandelion root tea or also known as coffee.
    • If you have liver disorders, you can use the dandelion root to treat the problem.
    • Besides that, it is also a natural diuretic due to its high in potassium.
    • For those who suffer from flu symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, the dandelion roots can also be used because it helps balance the content of electrolytes inside human bodies.

    Always remember that if you want to harvest dandelion roots,

    • Make sure that you do the harvesting right after a rainy day. If it is not raining, you can simply water the ground by using a water hose as long as it makes it easier for you to dig the ground once the soil is damp.

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