How to Have Home Wireless Video Streaming

In order to monitor your house from any unwanted incidents, you should use wireless home security via video streaming from your internet connection where you are able to access it wherever you are. By having the ability to view your home security camera images on the internet, you can see on any activities inside or outside of your property.

To Have Home Wireless Video Streaming, you need to have:

  1. Home Security Camera
  2. Wireless or wired network camera
  3. A port number for the internet connectivity
  4. Review and check the manual for the system and router
  5. Computers or other devices that have internet features

How to Have Home Wireless Video Streaming

  • Firstly, you need to have a network camera or wireless security camera installed in your house. It is a common thing to use wireless home security cameras nowadays especially by parents, guardians and other security and privacy conscious users because they are always on the go every day or even when they are on outstation trips.
    • A wireless system is relatively easy to install as the system does not use any extension cables from the camera to the receiving device. This type of system will automatically work once you connect it using wireless connection.
    • Then, you are able to record images immediately.
  • In order to start streaming your home security camera, you should plug in the system onto a computer that has internet connectivity. The camera itself needs not be an expensive one, but it is recommended that you use a high quality video, digital or video camera. If you are using a wireless or wired router with a port forwarding option
    • This feature will allow you to set-up its forwarding port accordingly until you are able to remotely view the streaming video of your house’s surrounding and inside.
  • You also need to allow the camera to use a port number in order to have Internet access, for instance use Port 80 or 1024 and the camera’s IP address, but remember to check your camera’s or router’s manual for reference. The router’s admin or control panel should be able to be accessed via Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.
    • For example, if the security camera system uses as its address and port number, you can also use this address to view images that the camera’s record in real-time.
  • For those of you who are a first timer for installing a security camera, it is recommended that you look at products such as Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera that use Linksys WVC80N, which have the ability to send live video and audio directly to your home computers or through the Internet.
    • Another product that you should try to check is the Mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L) as this product has the ability to quickly add the surveillance camera to your home or small office network.
  • To view a wireless home security camera that you have installed at your house, you can use Windows or Mac computers, smart phones and other devices, which include iPhones, iPads and Blackberrys, that already have Internet connections allowing you to check any unwanted incident at your home. Besides that, there are also some cameras that comes with software bundled that enables you to send an e-mail right after it manages to record video images of unwanted activities when there is no one is in your house at the time.

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