How to Keep a Cat Out the Garbage With a Motion Sensor


Your outdoor trash cans are always the place for cats or other animals scavenge when they are hungry or even knock them over in order to get some meal thus leaving you with filthy mess to clean up. The bad odor of your trash cans normally attracts cats and you would be able to see them prowling on residential garbage. This problem could be resolved simply by installing a motion sensor nearby your garbage can. However, using a regular light motion sensor will not help you keep away any cat from the trash can but if you plan carefully and choose the right position or area to place your motion sensor, you would be able to keep any cats or animals away from your garbage can. Motion sensor gadget is also known as touch-less trash can, automatic trash can or electronic trash can and can be easily purchase from your local home stores, hardware stores, big-box stores and also through online merchants.

To keep a cat out the garbage with a motion sensor, you need:

  • Motion sensor especially designed for cats
  • Batteries

Keep a Cat out the Garbage with a Motion Sensor

How to Keep a Cat out the Garbage with a Motion Sensor

  • First thing that you need to do is to look for various companies that offer motion sensor product especially made for Tangs
    • You can choose several types of devices such as Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid that can monitor a 3-foot radius area.
    • Motion sensors made by Koolatron Inc. covers a distance of 85 feet and need to be set right in front of your motion sensor.

Make sure to decide a suitable motion sensor that you can place just near your garbage can and also able to meet its objective of keeping away animals from creating mess out of your trash can.

  • Make sure to install suitable batteries for your motion sensor
    • If you do not know what type of batteries to use, you can follow the product’s instructions made by its manufacturer.
    • Firstly, you should be able to remove its door battery before you can insert one or even two Subs. Once you are confident with the response received by the battery, you need to insert 1 to 9 volt of alkaline batteries.
  • Always remember, you should be able with a new motion sensor and set it as close as possible to the garbage trash can. Try to create motion sensors that you can mount on your wall.
  • Check whether the devices is working or not
    • For motion sensors that do not have a test-button, you can simply test it by waving your hand right in front of your motion sensor in order to activate the liquid spray or light to be displayed near the garbage can.


  • Sometimes motion sensor trash cans are very sensitive to any motion that they detect nearby while the lid sometimes stays open after you have finished using them. It should be closing in just a few seconds. There are some motion sensor trash cans that provide a much slower movement. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the most suitable motion sensor available in the market to cater for your needs.
  • Apart from that, you can also use a motion sensor sprinkler in keeping a cat out of your garbage cans. Once it detects any presence of animals, its built-in electronic motion sensor will trigger off the system and make the animals run away simply by disbursing a quick harmless burst of water.

    Always remember that if you want to keep a cat out of your garbage using a motion sensor,

    • Ensure that you select a trash can that uses a firm lid.
    • You should place bricks at the bottom of your tank in order to prevent your cat from knocking the garbage can.
    • You will notice that some motion sensor trash can model comes with buttons or certain mechanisms that can help you whenever you want to use it manually.

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