How to Keep Glass and Mirrors Clean

An image of dirty glassKeeping Glass Surfaces Clean

Adding glass or mirrors to any home can create a sense of openness and add a touch of elegant style. But keeping these glass surfaces clean can pose potential problems. Learning how to properly maintain your glass will save you time and energy to invest in the things that matter most. Here is a list of tips that will ensure that your glass and mirrors continue to sparkle and impress visitors every time.

Finding the Right Towel

Not all towels can be used on glass surfaces. Finding the right towel is perhaps the most important step in cleaning glass surfaces effectively. Using a cotton towel is counterproductive because these will leave streaks and lint on the glass. Aside from using old newspapers—which is a time-tested method for cleaning glass—a micro fiber or paper towel is the best choice. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning towels invest in a squeegee which is very effective in preventing streaks.

Finding the Right Cleaner

You don’t always have to go out and buy the expensive cleaners at the store. You can save both time and money by making your own cleaner at home. If you want to make your own cleaner you can make a mixture of 1 cup of water and a ½ cup of vinegar. Never, ever, mix vinegar with ammonia or bleach, although it is safe to use ammonia on glass. If you don’t have any vinegar, you can always use warm soap and water and then rinse the glass after you are done. This simple cleaner will leave your glass clear and mirrors sparkling. If you do, however, buy cleaners at the store, purchase cleaners that are organic and less likely to irritate your skin. As when handling all chemicals, be sure to wear gloves and the proper eyewear.

Following the Right Cleaning Method

The key to streak-free glass, besides using the right towel, is to use the right cleaning method. If you are not quick enough, there is the potential to create streaks. You want to work as quickly as possible. If you are trying to clean hard to reach places, consider investing in special tools that will help you get your job done. Try moving in a sweeping motion so that you cover all areas of the glass at around the same time. Be sure to flip or fold your towel over so that you are always using a dry surface. Drying glass with a wet towel will only create more streaks.

It doesn’t take rocket science to clean glass and mirrors, but it can take a lot of time. Windows can be especially hazardous because you may need ladders or other special equipment to get the job done. If you do have a house with very high windows, it may be worth the investment to pay a professional to do it. In either case, knowing that your glass surfaces are clean can give you a renewed sense of pride in your home.

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