How to Kill a Wasp around an Electrical Outlet

We all don’t enjoy the appearance of unwanted insects around the house; be it a scary cockroach or a harmful spider. If you have kids around the house then to have unwanted insects wondering around is not good at all.

Bees are harmful insects. Based on some perspective, bees can either be harmful or not harmful at all, depending how the situation was. Bees, if their nest, is messed with then these angry bees will chase whoever is near to them or whoever broke their nest. We all know how kids when they are playing, they might sometimes accidentally hit the nest with their game ball or anything else. This is when the bees get mad and start chasing the kids to attack them at once. Some kids are lucky to sustain their bites or stings while some kids can’t bear the pain and eventually, has a bad ending for them.

As you can see, definitely these types of wasps or bee stings are dangerous to just let them be. If you want to try the easy way, you can call up the firemen to have them come over to extinguish the nest.

Wasp or bee stings can cause death to about 1 percent of the population, in the United States alone this will equal to 3 million people. This is a sign that wasp and bees nests can be a threat for the safety and the maintenance of a home. You can accomplish this around the outlets with a few simple steps.

To kill a wasp around an electrical outlet,
you will need:

  • Heavy clothing.
  • Wasp spray.
  • Ladder.
  • Broom with a long handle.

Killing a Wasp around an Electrical Outlet

  • First, wear thick and heavy clothing. This will prevent the wasps or bees from stinging on your body. When you have exposed skin, these will only allow the insects to put the stinger and venom directly into your body.
  • Then, find the wasp nest. The nest is normally a honeycombed structure located high on a building. Spray the nest directly and kill all the wasps that live there if it is not near an outlet. For a nest that is near to an outlet, take a ladder and use a broom to knock it to the ground with your broom, then immediately spray the nest.
  • You can manually kill the wasps congregating near an outlet with the broom. This step can be slowed and painstaking as you cannot use flammable and conductive liquid such as wasp spray near to an electrical outlet.
  • After finished, sweep up the nest and dead wasps. Throw these into the trash.
  • Remember that once the nest is removed from the wall, they will become hostile so use your spray immediately. Be careful when mounting with the ladder when the nest is above you. Get someone or a professional to perform this task in case you are not sure of your footing or if you are allergic to wasps and bees.

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