How to Kill Moss with Sulphate of Ammonia


If your lawn is thin, weak and has health problems, you will see the moss grow much often. Moss also takes advantage of the moist and cool condition, plus also the imbalance of your thin grass to help it grow. Another reason why moss can be easily found on your lawn is due to the compacted soil, poor drainage, and low fertility, plus also it is overly acidic. All of these reasons normally helps moss thrives in a fast manner to grow. If you mixed up your sulphate of ammonia along with a few other compounds that will produce ‘lawn sand’ that can stimulate a faster growth of grass, kill off the moss and also provide the grass a fighting chance to clear off the moss. The most important steps that you need to take in order to eliminate the existence of moss from your lawn are to improve the conditions of your grass growth. You must ensure that your grass gains vigor that will in the end eliminates the moss permanently.

To kill moss with sulphate of ammonia, you need:

  • Ammonia of sulphate
  • Sulphate of iron
  • Horticultural grade sand
  • Coffee can
  • Lawn spreader

Killing Moss with Sulphate of Ammonia

How to Kill Moss with Sulphate of Ammonia

  • The first thing that you need to do is to mow your lawn at least three days before you start to apply the sulphate of ammonia mixture onto your lawn.
  • Then, you need to mix the following ingredients together
    • 3 parts Sulphate of ammonia, 1 part Sulphate of iron and 10 to 20 parts of horticultural grade sand
    • You have to produce enough of the mentioned mixture so that it would be able to cover the lawn. For example, at least within the rate of 4 oz. per square feet.

The existence of moss in your lawn indicates that the grass is not growing very well and is not healthy. The death of the grass is not caused by the moss existence, but simply due to the unfavorable growing conditions that the grass encounters such as shade, poor drainage, poor fertility as well as compacted soil.

  • Next step that you need to do is to separate at least half of your sulphate of ammonia mixture and make sure you distribute the mixture evenly throughout the lawn in consecutive rows.
    • You can use shake the mixture by using any unused coffee can or even distribute the mixture via a lawn spreader.
  • After that, you need to take the other half of your sulphate of ammonia mixture
    • Spread and distribute the mixture evenly throughout your lawn in consecutive rows at an angle of at least 90-degree onto the first set of rows which you have made earlier.
    • Make sure that you water the lawn after 48 hours you have applied the mixture.
  • Once the moss has died at least in 10 to 14 days, you would be able to see blackened moss
    • You must clean up your lawn by raking all of the blackened moss away from your lawn.

    The item used in this task could easily stain your hands as well as your clothes. It also might be caustic to any metal containers. However, all of the materials do not cause serious threats to your surrounding environment. As a matter of fact, both iron and sulfur are key elements that allow your plants to grow.

    Always remember that whenever you want to kill moss with sulphate of ammonia

    • You should do it during a certain period of time that is during the spring season especially around the month of March. This is because during this month the temperatures are warm that will help the grass to start growing. Once the temperatures reached below 42 degrees Fahrenheit, you will find that the moss will die and the effectiveness of your sulphate of ammonia will also be less effective.
    • Whenever you are using the application on your grass, do not mow your lawn for at least up to three days.
    • Remember not to walk on your lawn before you have watered the grass in order to clean off the sulphate of ammonia.

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