How to Make Fabric Flowers

Fabric scraps or leftover fabrics that you have after doing certain projects can be used for creating many craft items such as by sewing them or pin them onto bags or hair bows, glue them onto napkin rings, use it as scrapbook covers and the most easiest item to make is creating fabric flowers. Some of the easiest ways of creating fabric flowers requires you to do very little sewing just as long as it will hold the fabric together. If you have plain cotton or calicos fabrics, you would be able to create simple fabric flowers like a rose or camellia blossom. The following tips will help you learn a few tricks in order to make your very own fabric flowers.

To make fabric flowers, you need:

  • Scraps of fabric
  • A little piece of felt
  • Scissors
  • Thread with same color as your fabric
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Hand-sewing needle
  • A template or design used for tracing on the fabric
  • A pin back
  • Button (optional)
  • Fray check (optional)

Making Fabric Flowers

How to Make Fabric Flowers

  • First thing that you need to do is to
    • Measure the size that you wanted to use for your fabric flowers on the scrap fabrics
    • Draw the measurement that you want to cut on the fabric before you start to cut your scrap fabrics into two 4-inch squares, two 3-nch squares and two 2-inch squares.
  • Once you have finished cutting the fabric, you have to fold each square of fabric in half. Then, you have to fold them again into half.
  • Next step for you to do is to trim any of the unfolded edges from the fabric that you have cut into a scalloped shape. It does not necessary for you to create perfectly even edges.

Always remember that the same fabric can also be used for making all the layers of your fabric flowers. You can also use contrast or colorful fabrics in order to create a fanciful look to your fabric flowers. It all depends on your creativity and the look that you want to display on your fabric flowers.

  • Then, you need to unfold your fabric before you cut slits between the scallops right to the center of your flower
    • You do not have to cut your petals apart. By creating the slits, you would be able to fluff out the petals much easier and also make your fabric flowers into display a three-dimensional look.
  • To start creating your fabric flowers, you have to take the two large flower pieces that you have cut earlier and place it on top of each other
    • Then, the petals of the lower flower need to be pulled through the slits between the upper petals. The reason for doing this is to make the flower petals fluffier.
  • After that you have to take a pair of medium flower petals and also a pair of small size flower petals. You need to do the same technique as mentioned above for both of the medium and small size pairs.
  • Next thing that you should do is to stack all of the flower petals on top of each other
    • Place the largest flower petals first at the bottom followed by the medium petals in the middle. Then, you need to fold in half before placing the small size pairs on top of them.
    • The smallest pairs should be on top so that it will overlap both of the larger pairs
    • You must also make sure that all the petal pairs are centered and placed neatly together before you start to stitch them.
  • Once you have managed to place them together, you need to stitch the layers of your flower petals together using your needle and thread. This should be done through the center of the petals so that it will hold all the flower petals together. You could also add a button on top of the stitches of your flower petals for decoration.

In order not to see your fabric flowers to ravel, you can simply use an anti-fraying gel product. The anti-fraying gel product can be applied onto the edges of each flower petals.

Always remember that when you want to make fabric flowers

  • Whenever you are using scissors and sewing needles, always use them cautiously and carefully
  • You can also add button with matching colors to the fabric or different color fabrics in order to make your fabric flower look outstanding.
  • To make the fabric flowers look nicer, you need to glue a felt circle at the back of the fabric flowers. This will also make the flower more secured.

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