How to Make Mini Bricks


Purchasing pavers like mini bricks can be quite expensive whenever you want to construct your own landscaping project made of mini bricks. However, in order to cut down on the cost of purchasing expensive mini bricks, you could instead purchase a plastic molds so that you would be able to create your own mini bricks without the need of spending much compared to if you purchase mini bricks from your local hardware stores. Besides that, you could also add your favorite color to the mini bricks in order to further enhance the overall look and design of your landscape surrounding.

To make mini bricks, you need:

  • Mini brick molds
  • Mold liners
  • Ready-mix cement
  • Cement pigment
  • Trowel

Making Mini Bricks

How to Make Mini Bricks

  • The first thing that you need to do is to place your mold liner into the mini brick mold that you purchased from your local home improvement store.
    • For those of you who want to create multiple bricks at the same time, you should be placing the liners into each of your brick mold.
  • Next step for you to do is to mix ready-mix concrete using a 5-gallon bucket
    • The right process of mixing ready-mix concrete will depend on the brand that you use.
    • However, the basic for mixing ready-mix concrete is to mix them along with water.
    • Make sure that you stir the mixture of the concrete by using the trowel so that all of the mixture will be mix evenly together,
  • After that, you need to add into the mixture concrete pigment in order to achieve the coloration that you required.
    • Next, mix the concrete using your trowel.
    • As for creating multiple batches of bricks, you must make sure to make accurate measurements of your pigment so that you could reproduce the accurate color.
  • Next step that you should do is to fill in the mold with concrete before you level it up by scraping off any of the excess on top of it by using your trowel.
    • Once you have finished the above step, you need to allow them to dry thoroughly for 24 hours or even better up to 48 hours.
  • Once it has dried, you need to place your hand over the concrete and then flip your mold of concrete over.
    • Then, lay the concrete side of your mold on a table so that you can remove the mold off the brick.
    • Most of the time, you can reuse the liner for future usage.

    Always remember that whenever you want to make mini bricks

    • And if it involves the usage of ready-mix concrete, make sure you read the instruction by its manufacturer accordingly. This is because different brand of ready-mix concrete requires different amount of measurements and if is wrongly used, you might not be getting the expected result as you required.

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