How to Prevent Home Security System False Alarms

Whenever a home security system falsely goes off, it’s not a nice sound to hear; it’s more or less annoying and irritating. It’s annoying and irritating when it’s the home security system of someone else.

False alarm should not be a regular thing to happen when you are using a home security system because if it is happening regularly, your neighbors or monitoring security company will ignore the signal thinking it is only a false alarm. Therefore, you need to prevent false alarms by being more alert and most importantly, you need to have a great sense of awareness. It is also important that you familiarize with the home security system in order to disarm it whenever the need arises especially if it is a false alarm.

To prevent home security system false alarm, you need to do:

  1. Review manual
  2. Check the contact switches on doors and windows
  3. Set up motion detectors in suitable areas
  4. Monitor movement of pets
  5. Maintain the system that uses batteries regularly
  6. Check and update any important information numbers regularly

How to prevent home security system false alarms

  • Firstly, you should review the home security system user manuals carefully and try to understand how it works. You should try to comprehend how to activate or deactivate the system especially during a false alarm. Not only you need to understand the system, but your family members also need to get to know how the system works.
    • This is to avoid any misunderstandings on the product. It is also to help gain a better knowledge on your home security system to avoid any problem in the future.
  • Make it a habit to do regular checking in the system’s contact switches on your doors and windows. You must also ensure that they are not loosened and are always in good working condition. Before you go to sleep, make sure all doors and windows are closed properly.
  • Next, the setting up of any of your motion detectors should be far away from fans, fireplaces or heating vents, plus also monitor the impact of vents on your plants or curtains, which sometimes would be able to blow away thus setting off the motion detector.
  • Another thing that you should do is to monitor the movement of your pets whether they have any impact to your house alarm systems. Some of the security systems have features to overlook small animals like dogs or cats and also can be adjusted accordingly, but if it keeps setting off the alarm, you must notify the security company asking them to rectify the problems as well as fine tuning the alarm system.
  • Make an effort to regularly check the system batteries (if it uses batteries for its power supply) regularly because some systems that have low batteries could also be the main reason for your alarm system to be activated.
  • Make sure to update your contact information up to date if it has been changed so that your monitoring security company is able to contact you if there is any false alarm incident.
  • Whenever you are expecting someone to come to your house such as relatives, friends, general workers, delivery personnel, real estate agents, or anybody else, try not to set your alarm system in order to prevent any false alarm to be triggered on.

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