How to Remove Dried Paint from Laminate Floor


These days, it is quite common to see house owners using laminate floor for their home. To have laminate floor in your home is classy at an affordable cost. This is because of the low cost of laminate floor and moreover, it’s durable plus easy to install. It comes with a protective coating thus making it possible to eliminate paint just by using a cleaning solution and water.

In general, paint takes a couple of days to completely set through and once this happens, you should immediately try to clean or remove the paint stain. Cleaning the paint stain should be done with care to ensure a proper and safe removal. With lots of patience, you can complete this task well.

Whenever you are doing this task, it should be done with care and although laminate floors are hard wearing and attractive, the process of removing dried paint needs to be done very carefully so that it will not damage your floor’s surface.

Laminate Floor

To remove dried paint from your laminate floor, you need:

  • Paint remover or cleaner with acetone
  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Warm water
  • Vacuum

How to remove dried paint from your laminate floor:

  • First of all, you should clean the stained area by using a vacuum so that you are able to get rid of all the dirt that could scratch the laminate floor’s surface once you start with your cleaning task.
  • The next step to do is for you to remove the paint. You can simply apply a cleaner along with acetone. For example, you can use a nail polish remover, a cloth or use an ammonia-based window cleaner.
  • After that, you need to use a one-sided sharp edge in order to lift up the edges of the splatters from the floor. Make sure that you do it carefully in a way that you don’t damage the floor. You should perform this step until most of the paint has been successfully removed. Once done, you have to buff down the rest by using fine grade steel wool before you start to remove the dust immediately.
  • When you come across a latex paint stain on your laminate floor, you can spray a latex paint cleaner on the affected area of the laminate floor.

    Latex paint is much easier to be removed rather than other types of paint.

  • Once you have the stain cleaner, you need to apply the stain cleaner on the affected area or stain before you start to leave it to set for at least two minutes.
  • After that, you have to wipe up the affected stain and the cleaner on the laminate flooring using a cloth with warm water. Try to apply some pressure in order to lift the paint stain. If you find that the stain is still there, you need to repeat the same process until the stain is fully removed.

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