How to Remove Old Vines from Brick

Having vines on your brick walls definitely can add fairy-tale charm to the surrounding of your house and that is the reason why most house owners allow vines to grow freely on their brick walls. However, if it is not well maintain, vines can become over grown and in the end cover the whole surface of your walls. If you leave old vines to remain much longer on your brick walls, it will allow their tendrils and roots to become embedded to the brick and mortar. The old vines are capable enough to weakened the brick walls and create wide cracks especially in the brick joints. If you have old brick walls, it will be more vulnerable to vine-related damage and therefore you need to remove them before it started to grow extensively.

To remove old vines from brick, you need:

  • Work gloves
  • Garden loppers
  • Plastic scraper
  • Stirring utensil
  • 2 oz. mild laundry detergent
  • Cleaning pail
  • Stiff-bristled, non-metal brush
  • Garden hose

Remove Old Vines from Brick

How to Remove Old Vines from Brick

  • The first thing that you need to do is to pull off the old vines lightly away from the brick.
    • Make sure to detach as much foliage as possible during the process.
    • If you stumble upon stubborn vines, you need to leave them alone so that you will not damage the mortar.
  • You need to use garden loppers in order to cut the stubborn vines off the brick.
    • After that, leave the vine’s stem and roots attached to the bricks for the time being.

You will always find that most stone and brick houses have vines growing on them if it is not well-maintained.

  • Next step that you need to do is to use a plastic scraper for scraping the brick gently and loosen up the attached roots and stems. Make sure that you do it in a lightly manner so that the mortar will not get damaged. During the process, you do not need to focus on the stuck-on tendrils.
  • Once you have finished doing the above step, you need to prepare a detergent solution so that you could loosen up the stuck-on tendrils.
    • You need to take 2 oz of mild laundry detergent and stir it into 1 gallon of warm water.

You will also find that vines are not easy to be exterminated and are resistant to most weed solutions and able to survive cold temperatures during the winter season.

  • After the laundry detergent solution is ready, you have to scrub the solution onto the bricks by using a stiff-bristled or you can also use a non-metal brush.
    • Then, you would be able to loosen up and detach all the tendrils attached to the surface of your brick.
  • Finally, you need to rinse all the loosened tendrils along with the laundry detergent off the brick with fresh water. Make sure it is clean thoroughly.

    Always remember that whenever you want to remove old vines from brick

    • You must make sure that you will not be using metal brushes or other extremely stiff brushes. This is because these items could damage bricks and mortar. Always test the brush that you are going to use on the surface of the bricks in order to prevent any damage on it.
    • Bear in mind that using laundry detergent may also destroy exposed vegetation.

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