How to Reorganize a Bedroom

Organizing your bedroom is an important task that you should do because bedroom is like an oasis or in other words, a sanctuary for you to indulge in that can make you feel calm, welcome, relaxed and re-energized whenever you returned from work. If your bedroom is always clutter and have a limited space for you to move around the room, it is definitely not a conducive setting for you to relax and have a piece of clear mind. You could even become restless in your sleep as well as having difficulties in looking for your favorite shirt. With a simple reorganization throughout the bedroom, you would be able to make a difference to the look of your bedroom and create a fresher feel for the room.

To reorganize a bedroom, you need:

  • To discard all items that you do not want
  • Donate items that can be used to community center
  • Make yourself free of becoming clutter habit
  • Divide your belongings into several categories
  • Clean the room thoroughly

Reorganizing a Bedroom

How to Reorganize a Bedroom

  • The first thing that you need to do is to discard all items that you do not want to keep
    • If the items are still in good condition, you should donate them to your nearest community center.
    • You should also try to minimize the amount of items that you have to reorganize so that the process of reorganizing would not take a long time and tedious.
    • The most important thing is for you to make yourself free of clutter habit once you managed to reorganize your bedroom area.
  • The next step that you should take is to divide all of your belongings into several categories in order to determine the best storage for you to place each type of the categories.
    • For instance, if you have lots of books, you need to place it in one area or shelf, accessories in a drawer, picture frames or artwork in another. You could also determine the most suitable place to place all of them once you finished categorizing them. You must also ensure that all the items which are being used regularly can be easily accessible.

You can also make use of drawer organizers within your drawers to place your lingerie, socks and underwear. By doing this, you would be able to save time whenever you want to look for any of the items.

  • After you have managed to clean up all the items into categories, you need to clean the bedroom area thoroughly before you start to bring the items back into place within the room.
    • If there is any furniture that you can move easily, try to do so. This is to enable you to sweep and mop the floors beneath the furniture where dust is already started to built-in.
    • Once you have finished cleaning the room, it will much easier to proceed with your reorganization process.
  • Try to incorporate the teachings of Feng Shui whenever you are establishing the flow in your bedroom. The Feng Shui which is a Chinese teaching would be able to help you put your bedroom and balance back the sense of harmony into the area.
    • Once you have managed to eliminate all the clutter, you should balance the room by using the five elements like earth, metal, fire, water and wood following the main principles of Feng Shui.
    • Other rules that you can apply when reorganizing the bedroom is by positioning of mirrors in suitable place as well as placement of other items within your bedroom.
  • Your reorganization techniques should be applied not only to one area but also to all areas such as to your closet, beneath the beds plus also your dresser drawers.
    • You must make sure to avoid any temptation of slipping any unwanted items and hide them in unsuitable area thus creating back the clutter look which in the end will cause stress and sense of unbalance.
    • Apart from that, you can also use a built-in closet organizers that come with extra drawers and racks that can also be used for hanging clothes.

    Always remember that whenever you want to reorganize a bedroom

    • You should start with the closet and try to use additional shelving so that you would be able to store clothes in other area within the room.
    • Make sure that any solutions that you choose are able to efficiently create a bedroom that will help you relaxed and re-energize yourself.
    • Try not to place any television in your bedroom because the bedroom is where you should spend more time with your loved ones before you sleep. Instead of watching television, you should do some reading or having a nice chat with your partner.
    • Always make it a habit to hang your clothes right after wearing them instead of throwing them on your chair or bed because this will save you time and energy whenever you want to clean up the room.

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