How to repair Broken Couches

Couches are bought for relaxing purposes. Couches have to be comfortable enough so that we will feel comfortable enough to sit on couches. Every home needs to have a couch. It could be placed in the living room or in the bedroom; the purpose is still the same. The problem comes when something or the couch itself breaks. The easiest solution is to buy another couch, but you can’t do that if you are low on cash.

If you have a good quality and expensive couch, it does not mean that it will not be broken in future. You will never know how long it will last and when it will be broken. After using it for some times, the frames might break or even its spring would be sagging down too low and you will not be able to sit on the couch comfortably. However, broken couch can be fixed by attaching a new platform underneath its cushion seats. With a just a few simple technique, you would be able to repair the broken couch without the need to spend extra money on the repair cost.

To repair broken couches, you need:

  • Tape measure
  • Use or purchase suitable thick plywood
  • Thin camping mattress or exercise mat or new cushions
  • Slipcover
  • Needle and Thread
  • Firm Foam Padding
  • Scissors

Repairing Broken Crouches

How to Repair Broken Couches

  • First thing that you have to do is to
    • Remove your seat cushions from the couches and start measuring the width and length of the base of your couch.
    • For a correct measurement of the couch, you really need to push the fabric on the back of the couch so that your tape can get the exact measurement.
    • The new platform frame should be able to fit in nicely with your couches frame

Plywood frame that you want to fit into the inside exterior of your couch frame will not be able to reached all the way to the front of your fixed couch. It will only end a few inches before that.

  • You can purchase suitable thick plywood from your local lumber yard or home improvement store. It is recommended that you use thick plywood in order to create a more durable fixed couch to handle any weight.
    • Although thick plywood is much more expensive than the thicker plywood, the longer it will last.
    • You can also request the store to provide you with cutting services in order to cut the plywood according to your measurements that you want.
  • The next step that you need to do is to fix the broken frame by placing the cut plywood underneath your seat cushions
    • Always be careful when you push your upholstery aside. Try to use your finger in a very gently way when you are guiding your thick plywood in place without tearing any of your couches fabric whether on the arm rests or the back of the couch.
  • Once your plywood is already in place, try putting your seat cushions back on your couch over the plywood to see whether the broken couch would be able to support your weight and check if it is comfortable or not.
    • If it is comfortable and able to support your weight, you can consider the broken couch fixed.
    • If you notice that your seat cushions are old and flat, you can place a thin camping mattress or even put an exercise mat in between your seat cushions and plywood. Apart from doing that, you can also replace it with a new cushions or replace its foam center which you can purchased from your local fabric shops.
  • Finally, you need to cover your fixed couch using a slipcover.
    • You can even do a makeover using slipcover if your couch is one of your living room’s set.

    Always remember that when you want to change flat or damaged seat cushions of your couch

    • For couch cushions that are filled with down or polyester fill, you must ensure to replace it with a similar type of fill.
    • If you want to add foam padding onto your seat cushions, it is recommended that you cut one piece so that it would fit in just nicely under the cover in order to display smooth look of your cushions.
    • As for couch cushions that do not have zipper access, another way of making it look like new is by cutting a slit inside the upholstery through the cushion’s back and then you need to sew the slit area once you have finished replacing the cushion’s foam with new ones.

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